Jun 18, 2014

Hostel life and the best times!

Talking to your good old pals bring back those beautiful memories. Those good times spent together come alive once again. Time might have passed as if it is very urgent. But the good thing is that it cannot take away so easily the memories of the past times. If the friend whom you talked to is from your college days and that too from your hostel life, nothing can stop you from going back in time to knock the door of memories that still lying in the same rooms and places where once lived with friends. 

I always liked my hostel life at IIT Delhi for many reasons. Few of them are as following. If you wish, you can always be surrounded by the friends who like you and whom you like. You can reach out to many of them and you can expect unconditional support from them, provided you reciprocate. Common problems are faced by all hence they can help each other very much. Even in case of any specific problem, you can open up quickly and frankly to inform about the situation to your friends. You roam around and it does not bore to visit the same places again and again. You discuss about everything under the sun and conclude nothing. You watch movies at mid-night and if it turns out to be a horror movie, you end up holding each other and scream. You can go crazy and still can sustain the weird looks if any. Birthday parties and the night outs are the awesome experiences. Celebrations of the new  year or any festival make one go crazy. You need no explain anyone why you come late from the lab. You can still walk in the middle of the streets when the temperature touches zero degrees or even if the rain is pouring down like never before and never again. You can sleep under the rajaai until either you wake up yourself or until someone knocks the door to call you for breakfast. I have to stop somewhere and hence putting a full stop here. 

I can go on writing about those days. It has been almost six years that I lived last in a hostel. All these six years have brought different experiences to me but nothing is best than those beautiful times. Food, yes, that seems to be a problem for most of the people who stay in hostel. But believe me, you start enjoying it once you start commenting the food along with your friends. Amidst all those laughter, you will never realize when you finished the whole stuff. If you can buy a chutney bottle, you will realize how fast it can get finished. It turns out to be a great fun at the end. If you recollect those moments like me after so many years, you will want to go back to the same mess with your friends and eat there again, never minding what will be served to you. Those are some of the best times of my life. 

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