Jun 12, 2014

The limitless more!

Limit is what a human being dislike in general. Limitlessness is the most desired. If its about good that happens to you, or a happy situation, or the enjoyment or a celebration, its quite general that we want it more. Fair enough. But if its about misery, debacle, losing someone so close, hurting the ego etc, scene gets quite reversed. Enough is enough is what most of us say. Well, this is fair enough too. 

When it comes to money matters, we do not go for any kind of limited wish. Its always to earn more and more. If you have some money, you need more. And if you do not have money, you wish for it much more. Unless you are facing problems because of the money you have, you never get convinced to say enough is enough. Still, its doubtful if you wish to get rid of the money or you try to get rid off the problem using the same money. This is how the culture that we have been brought in. Earn money irrespective of the needs. Fortunately or unfortunately, there is no specific way to teach someone how to and how not to spend it. If we are still experiencing a few cases of generousness, it is because someone is not taught that he should spend money for something profitable investment.

The way we are heading with every person's deep wish, we might end up in a situation where money matters and only it matters. Today at least we are in a situation where we can claim that some of us are still sensible to the problems in society and we spend not just efforts but also money to sort out some. We must ensure this thinking gets perculated to our next generation as well. Otherwise, we might have to together step into the darkness of the money and world.

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