Jun 25, 2014

The Soccer Feast 2014

I'm not sure if anyone has ever said that watching soccer is like meditation! That's what come up to my mind the moment I saw the back to back goals in the beginning minutes of the world cup match ongoing between Argentina and Nigeria, which happened for the first time in the history of world cup. Thanks to both the teams for making my first watched match of this world cup so memorable and exciting. Brisk movements of both the teams towards the opponents' goal posts is worth watching and hence enjoying.

I have been following the FIFA world cup 2014 only in the news so far. Henceforth I will be watching it too. As I said in one of my previous posts, its a tough choice between Wimbledon and FIFA. But obviously, what comes once in four years is too attractive to the yearly fun. Nonetheless, I will keep an eye on the grass courts too! 

Top sixteen are almost finalized except for few slots. Italy and Spain are out already to my and everyone's surprise. Netherlands is the team much talked about. It seems the Dutch are wanting it to get finished on the finishing line this time on the last day of the world cup, which they could not do last time, be it because of the Spanish players or be it because of the Octopus Paul! Brazil is no more a guessing game, especially after their brilliant start in the tournament. No heros, but you never know who becomes one on his day. Argentina and Messi are the few other words of these days. Maradona is active in writing his colomns without losing any chance to inspire his home team. Fair enough. England are out too by the way and that did not surprised me much. 

Knockout is round the corner. It will be fun watching the matches henceforth. Only one chance for all teams to remain in the tournament and they must utilise it to step closer towards the world cup lifting moment. I have still not decided whom to support, although I have some kind of inclination towards Brazil based on the previous world cups I watched. I will watch few matches and then shall choose among the teams.

Wishing all the sixteen teams all the very best to put up their best. 

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