Jun 24, 2014

Vacation escapes in a blink!

Vacation escapes in a blink. Although a lot happens, in between two vacations sometimes it feels as if there was nothing happened in between! My vacation this is within a period of less than two months from that of my previous one. On the first day of the vacation I felt what I said above; as if there were no two months between the vacations; as if it was just a continuation of the last one! 

On the other hand a lot happens in the vacation. During the initial days time goes pretty slow. As we know the fact that we are in the beginning of it and a lot more to come, we tend to come to an understanding that it is happening in a real slow manner. But as soon as it crosses the midway mark, it immediately gets to the senses. It feels as if you are running out of time. For no reason, you keep counting the days left. As the count still goes on, the days left out go on reducing leaving you behind. Towards the last few days of the vacation, there will be no person on earth who can compete with you in getting sad! 

These days vacations are not so rare but long ones are really rare. I'm fortunate enough to get couple of them back to back. A very well deserved brake was that, as my friends say. I got refreshed amidst the awesome season of Kerala. As I woke up to the sun rise today, what I missed the most was the sound of the ocean tides. In Trivandrum, it felt as if I slept to the sounds of the ocean and I woke up to the same too. I thought Pune will be welcoming me in rain. But I was not that fortunate. Friends told me it did not rain a bit in last ten days. That's another wonder. Pune and rain always do meet in the month of June, usually in the first week itself. This time the June is almost already done and here we are still guessing the rain fall date. Hope it rains soon here!

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