Jul 22, 2014

At the Lords...!

In all excitement and casual hurry I opened the Cricinfo web page yesterday, after I suddenly recollected that the match at the Lords was almost in India's hands after the day four. Last few overs of the first session of day five were going on at that time. India had no wicket yet for the day. The runs required to win for England were just 149 with six wickets in hand and two sessions of play left. Obviously, I shut down the web page and got along with my work. 

One late in the evening when I came to know about the match status again, I quickly switched on the TV and turned on star sports. Team India was already celebrating. Dhoni had one of the stumps in his hand, which is his regular way of signing to the world his happiness after a win. Some of the other young players were ecstatic. Going onto each other, they made the celebrations look enough crazy. 

Ishant Sharma turned this match as one of his life's important matches. Bhuvaneswar Kumar did that trick too, which probably is his career's most important performance and has come at an apt stage of his international career. Jadeja, is a Sir, really. Rahane must be watched out for, in the rest of the tournament. Murali Vijay impressed me this time, unlike after any of his earlier Knocks.

All in all, it has been a good team show. They must celebrate this success, which they might have already done by this time. Keep it up guys. What happened in the last England tour will not be easily forgotten. Please do compensate to some extent at least. All the best. Well done, so far. 

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