Jul 6, 2014

Chak De India - This post is not a movie review!

I heard about this movie For the first time in our laboratory back in IITDelhi. One of the friends who had watched the movie started saying some portion of the story. Sports interest me now and even during those days in IIT it was nothing different. The moment I heard a bit of the story in which India would lose to Australia with a 7-0 goal difference, I decided to move myself away from that story telling scene. I did proceed from there to watch the movie. My Hindi was not that good during those times. All I could get from a Hindi movie after watching it for one time was its plot, a few dialogues and of course the emotions. I used to get the feel of the entire movie after watching it couple of times more, and with the help of few query clarifications from my north Indian friends.

I was not so fond of Sharukh Khan, same it is now as well, but since the movie did display the Kabir Khan more than that of Sharukh Khan, I was impressed by that character and the way it was portrayed. I got so attached to all those girls who played different roles as the Indian hockey team players. Hockey suddenly too over my otherwise cricket liking mind. 'Chak De' was one of the inspiring captions of that time everywhere including in the hands of the audiences at the cricket stadiums. 

Later on it was learnt that the movie was inspired by the real life incidents of a former Indian Hockey player. He must have been so proud and would have had tears in his eyes at number of occasions while he watched the show. Shaking hand with the opponent team's player at the end of the match after a loss was not so professionally understood by many people. Whether it really happened in his life or not, but the incident shown in the film is nothing wrong. And if it happens in a India-Pakistan match, people feel that it was how such a scene must be understood, so pity! Times have changed. Games and the sportive spirit of player is somewhat more understood these days, that's what I believe. 

Later I watched Chak De India many a number of times. But recently, there have been certain thoughts about teaming up people with different attitudes and setting up the differences among them. Since a week or so, I've been recollecting the last scenes of the match in which the coach Kabir Khan would call the team's both main forwards and speak. I thought of watching the movie again. Today, I've done that. After almost couple of years I watched it. 

Teaming up people is not easy for the coaches or the leaders. But that's not impossible too. Effort shall be put in at right time with right spirit. Of course, the team members have to give their try but the initiation must happen some where. When the coach or the leader takes the lead, it will be quicker than waiting for one of the members to undergo that thought process of patching up and initiate. The way out can be left out to the members but they must be told of the fact that they cannot continue with their differences. People are basically understanding. Certain ice walls between them need to be broken to open up with each other. Once that done, they won't look back and the team will move forward. 

By the way, who don't someone make Chak De India-2? May be for the upcoming cricket world cup in 2015 at the down under and for the Olympics'16 at the Rio De Joneiro! 

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