Jul 13, 2014

Finally, Rain turns up :)

Rain is finally here at Pune. After all that problem due to the water-shortage, the rain is up again to complete the task of filling all the dams, canals and rivers in the surrounding areas of this amazing city. 

It's been almost six years of stay at Pune for me, yet this time there has been the first of its kind wait for the rain. Water supply has been so low these days that the taps have the flow only for couple of hours in the wee hours of the day. Waking up at five in the morning and completing the regular household tasks has been the routine of mine in the past couple of weeks. If not anything else, this routine somehow made me desperate to wait for the rain, like never before. On the other side, the blackish clouds in the day used to give new hope but the night used to shine in the light of the moon and stars. Finally, couple of days back it all started for this season. Today's promising clouds and the rain confirmed it. The rainy season has started for this year! 

It's going to get green out there. The scenery will once again be back, hopefully. There are many outing places around Pune. One cannot wait more to roam around. Looking forward for yet another green season!

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