Jul 20, 2014

It was Team Germany, to celebrate the last!

Germany was the team to celebrate the last at the Soccer world cup, Rio 2014. It was one of the most deserving wins by a team that I'd seen  in any of the sport tournaments in the recent years. Consistently dominating throughout the tournament,  they had outperformed many a teams during their world cup juncture. During their journey towards the historic moment, if they had done too much damage to any team , that's undoubtedly to the Team Brazil. Whereas its natural for a team to win and another team to lose in a game, what happened during those ninety minutes in the soccer field during that semi final match between Brazil and Germany will remain as an unforgettable surprise to the soccer lovers. Brazil might have to put every effort to achieve back their game and hence glory. Hope they will do that soon, very soon, to make the Olympics a must watch for the Brazilians, if not for anything else, for the Olympic gold in the football event. 

Congratulations to the Team Germany for the awesome display! And to their coach, a big cheers. 

Messi has one more chance in the form of the Olympics to win the most important medal of any sports person's life. All the best to him and his team, the world cup runners up, Team Argentina.

Thank you FIFA for another memorable event. Except the timings of the matches, in Indian Standard Time of course, the aura about the tournament had been fantastic and energizing.

Closing it here, I'm looking forward for the upcoming big sport event, the Commonwealth Games, 2014, Glasgow. Hope it will be enjoyable. All the best to the team representing India at the Glasgow games!

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