Jul 5, 2014

Movie: BOBBY JASOOS - A lot short of yet another heart stealing act by Vidya Baalan!

It's true, when you watch a movie for less than hundred rupees you will have nothing much to complain. If it entertains, it's a bonus. If it is boring, its like cost saving.  Having said that, I'm thinking if the amount that we pay for the ticket plays any role in setting up our expectations of the movie! I think it plays some where to some extent at least. I watched the show of Bobby Jasoos this morning paying less than hundred, and that's for sure a cost saving start to this weekend.

Vidya Baalan  has been the major attraction for the film. As well in the film. The 'Bobby' make-up is longer than any other one she has had in the movie. Rest all are of shorter time ones and at the same time, very bold ones. Vidya did well and so as the make up man. The Hyderabadi Hindi slang was very well adopted by all the characters of the film. I've my own doubts if Vidya Balan suited for that role of a detective-career oriented girl from a conventional muslin family. However, I'm sure, no one else could have suited better than her, from the list of her contemporaries. To take the script to audience, a big star was needed by the director. 

The script has half clarity. The other half has been taken cared, supposedly, by Vidya Baalan. Mrs. Baalan always does justice for the role she is given. She has done so one more time in this movie, but the story telling should have been a lot better. The settings could have been a little more sophisticated. The songs were not at all impressive, to be very frank, I wish they were not there. There is fun in many of the dialogues, but unfortunately you will have to search for it, the humor did not get to me so instantly you know! 

Costumes were not that good too except very few. Hairstyles were pathetic! The supporting roles share equal importance, that's one of the balanced acts in the movie. Ali Fazal and his smile are the special attraction. In one of the reviews I read, it was said that one could not help it than falling in love with Vidya Balan but someone else impressed me! That's Ali. Not many expressions were there for him as per the script but I thank whatever were there, because most of them were either to get innocent or to smile. Both suited him the best. 

All in all, its an entertaining movie with a lot missing. Now that's tough if you ask me, what's missing! No audience can clearly state it. Something more could and should have been there for that to become yet another heart stealing performance by Vidya Baalan. 

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