Jul 4, 2014

Peacefulness & Happy living

Waking up early in the morning to the freshness of thoughts is a real bliss. It has to be experienced personally to discover how peaceful one can feel from within. The morning breeze is a special attraction. It waves so fresh that you realize the freshness of breath and its magic on your thoughts and hence your way of life. 

Peace of mind is not an easy gift these days that one give to himself. A lot keeps happening around you. More than a lot keeps going in your mind. Amidst all this, getting involved in everything and still staying untouched of anything at psychological level is not so possible. However, its not important either. It takes necessary practice at physical and psychological arenas of oneself. It needs to be worked out thoroughly. After all its about happy living. I guess, anything can be done for that. 

Physical exercises keep the body ready for supporting the mind to be thoughtful. An hour spent in a day for ourselves is sufficient enough to live well as well as to let live others same way. Yoga can be another way, which I've started practising recently. I think it gets the body and mind onto the same terms! It controls many unnecessary thoughts not by restricting them from occurring to you but by opening  up the other possible perspectives of the happenings, so that you know what's a necessary response and what not. Well, I also believe not just doing some exercises or yoga everything will set well in place. It takes a lot of your own thoughtfulness, determination towards your own well being, alertness towards the life situation and awareness of the same to the core. Only then something will workout, I think. Being able to do so is absolutely blissful, one must only experience this from within. It does not also happen in a blink of an eye! Practicing is the only way. Along with that one must believe in its results. It need not be a blind belief, which is not accurate also. Belief to an extent of a thought and hope that it might work for you is sufficient. Rest will be done by your body and mind. 

Hope the peace and happy living irrespective of the situations fill in the lives of the billions! May things fall in place for that! 

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