Jul 6, 2014

Rain, please come soon!

It's been almost six years of stay at Pune for me. The month of June and the rain never missed coming together. Changing the date in calender, taking out the umbrella to clean and put it in the hand bag used to happen simultaneously. This time too, calender date was changed, umbrella was cleaned and put in the bag but rain, it did not turn up in June, except some quick showers. Based on the weather forecast, the second half of June was spent thinking that in July it will be there for sure, abundant enough fill in the dams, rivers, canals, storage tanks etc. Now, the first week of July is gone and there are no signs of black clouds as yet. In the afternoons, it still feels as if we are in the month of May! The news paper says there are no water for farming. Only for drinking they are available. Water shortage was not a regular case here earlier, but these days, the supply is only for one time in a day. For women like me who are used to the wash basin usage, its getting tougher and tougher to see no water coming out of the null. Situation is even difficult for a family with more than two people at home. 

All this is happening in July and this is something strange! It has started raining in many other locations in India. When I was in Trivandrum last month, it rained day in and day out. That was the first monsoon for me for this year and I did not imagine it would be my last for next one month too! 

Hopefully it will rain soon! There is very much need for water. Only a busy season for rain can work the things out here, it seems. Before I close this post, I'd like to mention that I'm in full hope to keep this as the last post on rain before it really rains here. Rain, please come soon!

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