Jul 23, 2014

Ways to gain the clarity of thought

When in no clarity, people often tend to lose their control over what they say or write. When is comes to telling someone something, it still appears somewhat comfortable. Whereas when it comes to put it in writing, it takes lot of time sometimes and at times, that time never ends. All this is no sin. It's just a limitation of a human being. When thousands of things around you shall be addressed by you, life appears tightened up like never before. You have to buckle up to give your best in that particular situation. There are ways to reduce the pressure upon yourself to some extent. 

Having the mind and body coordination is one of the ways to keep our thoughts clean to some extent such that the target thought appears somewhat clear. Exercising regularly and practising certain yogic kriyas is helpful.

Getting used to think over different dimensions and perspectives to the given thought  is another way to be open in deciding the way forward with full acceptance from within. Reading some self help books adds the writers experiences and hence our experiences while reading those books will be helpful at certain crucial deciding moments. 

Reading autobiographies and biographies is another effective solution that I know and have experienced while facing and solving problems. As we read through the pages and the life stories of the prominent personalities, we experience life for its many interesting dimensions that were not in our vicinity until then.

Like wise, there can be many more ways. I will have to sign off here as it's time to work now. Think about the above. You will yourself be adding different ways to that of the above. It's not difficult, it just that it takes time to spend for yourself, only for yourself. After all, your life is your first aim winning which is the most important to give your best to others or to contribute your best to the organisation or the society. 

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