Sep 26, 2014

Handling success... Take Home #354

Handling success is not any task to accomplish. Rather, it's an attitude to be developed and maintained to keep succeeding. 

Sep 23, 2014

Jumping to conclusion... Take Home #353

Jumping to conclusion is neither a fairer nor a wiser thing to do, especially then, when you are analysing something in which you have not involved yourself in the sequence of the events happened earlier. Take time, give everyone the chance they deserve. 

Sep 17, 2014

Live and let live!

Disbelief may occupy some space in any relationship, over a period of time, based on a given sequence of events between the partners. Most of the times  the partners end up fighting out the misunderstanding than the truth. Whereas the matter needs full attention and work out, it also helps if the partners open up and have a healthy confrontation. Silence between the partners might kill the show beyond anyone's imagination; it only adds up the distance if not anything else. 

With whatever the understanding I have on this topic, I would like to suggest the below. 

Disbelief is not a mistake of your partner. Feel the responsibility yourself for any disbelief shown by your partner. Try and understand where it would have probably gone wrong rather than pinching him or her for expressing the disbelief. Feel good about the openness in your relationship than pointing finger at the other person for being doubtful. Try your best in making your relationship come out of the expressed disbelief. Remember that it can happen to you too! May be at some or the other point of time, you may end up in disbelief too. Do not blame. Blame game does not work in any relationship, it turns out to be miserable if it happens between the partners for life long! As much as possible, don't feel bad about the other person for being so mean and all. Don't let that thought come to you. Understand that it's quite human and move forward in right spirit. Contribute your maximum in building back the trust. I don't believe in saying that if the trust is broken once it's broken forever. It can be worked out still. As long as the partners wish to be in the relationship, every thing is possible, every miracle must be hopped for. 

If you are the one expressing disbelief, first of all don't feel bad to have been doubtful about your partner. Being doubtful is not a sin. Of course, it might not be entirely correct to be so, but it's not entirely avoidable either given the circumstances and different brought up patterns the partners hail from. Try to be calm from inside as much as possible when you talk to your partner about it. Be specific, avoid being generic as maximum as possible. Have an open and to-the-point talk. Don't take your partner for granted if he or she gois listening to you. Don't say anything and everything and then don't expect him or her to listen to you fully. It's not fair enough. You yourself might not be able to do it too, if you are in the receiving end. Try as maximum as possible to express your feelings than doubts. Tell him how do you feel along with why you do feel so. Make the discussion thoughtful rather than argumentative. Do not expect answers on the fly; allow your partner to have time that he or she might very well deserve. Believe that thinks will work out. Be patient and determined enough to get the solution for this problem. 

Certain relationships in life are the beauty of human evolution. Be proud to be part of one such. Do your best to be true and dedicated to your partner. Set examples, positive ones. Live and let live! 

Sep 16, 2014

Don't underestimate... Take Home #352

When you underestimate someone you give him an opportunity to prove himself. Doing this with an opponent or a rival may get proved to be your first contribution towards your defeat. 

Don't underestimate anyone. Give yourself the benifit of doubt that you very well deserve. 

Sep 14, 2014

Understand people to their maximum!

Being social animals, over a period of time, we must learn to ignore certain statements made against us, we must not ignore any person although. Its not that people stand against each other. Its just that they stand against each other's perspectives of life. Everyone of us have our own thoughts based on our experiences, understanding capabilities, circumstances and so on. When a person says something about you, it might or might not be entirely correct. Most of the times, its definitely not entirely true. But every time it might be correct, from the point of view of that person. True and false matters at individual level to all of us. But right and wrong must be seen in totality. Yes, they matter too, but not beyond an extent that we cut off relationships, be it in personal life or professional life. 

Being able to see and understand life from different perspectives is a bliss. Its very much practical as well. Nothing in life is ideal. At the same time not everything is practical in nature either. Its up to us how we look at life. Its up to us how we perceive things and happenings. 

Do not think much about what's being said about you. Yes, it interests. It motivates. It pinches too at times. But that cannot lead you anywhere. What all that matters in life is how you understand the other person. When he or she says something, how do you take it what matters and along with that how do you maintain your relationship irrespective of what's said. People don't change much. If they are elders to you, expecting a change in them is nothing less than a unending wait. Get their perspective. Understand that everyone is unique. Try and introspect. After all that, if you think you are correct, be what you are. You are the ultimate judge for everything that you do, until and unless you harm someone. Doing things knowingly and in full self control is a dream to come true in every person's life. It is of course difficult to achieve. But not impossible. Build up the list of your perspectives of life. Understand people to their maximum. Enjoy life to the fullest. 

Sep 11, 2014

Put forward the problem... Take Home #351

How does your problem get addressed depends largely upon how do you put it forward than what the problem actually is. Be precise, be alert, avoid any short cuts and be aware of why you are bypassing people if you need to do so.

Checkmate!... Take Home #350

Checkmate happens so often in sport, whereas its rarely a checkmate in life. There will be a way out from every problem, its just the matter of keeping up the belief and enduring the trouble time.

Check with the right people... Take Home #349

Before ruling out the possibility of anything, make sure you check with the right people. Ideally, anything is possible. Not to forget, ideal things too happen in life! 

Sep 7, 2014

Movie: Mary Kom - Its about an inspiring sports person, by an energetic actress!

Sport has a lot spirit and emotions in it, which I'm in love with and probably addicted to. It feels not less than inspiring every time I follow and watch a match or a championship. Life histories of sports persons do attract me more than what a magnet can do to a piece of iron! Having said that, I need not mention how much I would have waited for the release of  'Mary Kom'. It took me no time to book the ticket eventually after its release couple of days back. 

First and foremost, for the first time ever I realized that I was watching the northern east side of India on the silver screen. Manipuri slang did not trouble me. The terminology of the boxing used in the movie of course did confuse me but not too much to an extent that I could not follow the flow of the movie. Movie definitely did not have a rich look, which was fair enough I guess as long as it resembled the true incidents and the life style of Manipur. Script was not really half cooked, considering the evident efforts the writers put in at some of the scenes. To give strength to the script, those scenes were the important ones. 

The emotions in the movie and in the story flow were so deep that I was moved after a long time while watching a movie in a theater. While I was so hesitant to move my hand to clear my tears, the person sat next to me was a little faster in clearing his own and hence cleared my hesitation too. Priyanka Chopra did an exceptionally good job. For an actress like her, in her success streak, leaving out the glamour and converting herself into the role that she was playing would not have been an easy juncture. Definitely not everyone can do it. She is already known for her energetic performances. This movie has once again proved that she can deliver that on a consistent basis. I have no doubts in saying that she will be one of the top contenders for this year's movie awards. My vote is for her already. 

Coaches play an important role and I think they own a potion of every successful sports person's career. MC Mary Kom's coach own's nothing less too. I'm not sure if the name was given by him in reality, but the way it was shown in the movie, he gave her the name and a lot along with it. Having your coach around in your tough times makes huge difference. You feel that the spirit is back to field, to keep you in action. settling down of the matters between Mrs Kom and her coach could not have been shown more impressively by anyone else than this director. 

By the way, never at one moment I felt like watching a film by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. No art work could be seen. All that was shown was the life of a Manipuri girl who loved boxing and dreamed to be world's best. As I write this, a scene from the post-interval part clicked to me. There was a scene in which Mary Kom's husband was shown arranging back her medals/shields in a room dedicated for them. That one probably would have been monitored by Mr. Bhansali. This is my wild guess. 

Life partner plays an important role in every person's life post marriage. In the case of a woman, a partner should be a lot more than a partner. He should be supportive more than what he could ever promise. With kids in place, its even demanding. While watching the movie, I was really happy for her and was thinking about her husband and his dedication towards their partnership. Family support is there most of the times but winning parents' hearts by achieving something is an ultimate thing to do. Opponents play an unforgettable role in any sports person's life. Team mates are never less a supporters. Frankly all this could have been depicted in a better way in the movie, but then, had it been that way it would have been a typical Indian movie rather than a depiction of the life of a middle class Indian woman player. 

I loved the movie. A must watch for all sport lovers. A must watch for all the fans of the former Miss World, Priyanka Chopra. Good one! Congratulations to the entire team of 'Mary Kom'. 

Sep 5, 2014

Happy teachers' day!

What impressed me the most about this year's teachers' day celebrations is the Indian Prime Minister's speech. Something different, motivating as always, Modi's address to the teachers and students is the first of its kind that I remember from the recent years. Hats off to him for that wonderful planning of doing all that. The must have been thought of very earlier, might not be an impromptu. A lot to learn. 

Happy teachers' day to my parents and all the other teachers. Teaching is a profession which has an uniqueness in the aspects like respect, remembrance and satisfaction. Watching my mom and dad closely, who are teachers by profession, I've got plenty of chances to observe the all three aspects mentioned above.

Parents of the students come to you, handover their kids to you, believe you for everything that you can turn their kids to, that's the respect you have! 

An old student comes to you, along with him he brings the long lost memories of his whole batch, of his friends, of his the then dreams. Years might pass by, your hair might turn gray, you are still addressed the same, that's the remembrance you have.

Some of your old students become successful professionals, you feel proud to introduce your old students to your students, an ever increasing count of students achieving great things, this is the satisfaction that's gained over a period of time. 

Its one of the noble professions to choose. Unfortunately, these days it's not so preferred, not in all parts of the country although. Sometime back I heard that there will be special colleges and universities for those who aspire to choose teaching as their profession. This idea is well received too. Hope this comes true soon and before this government asks for another chance to serve another term. 

Happy teachers' day to all teachers once again. I sincerely thank all the teachers who have inspired me all throughout.