Sep 5, 2014

Happy teachers' day!

What impressed me the most about this year's teachers' day celebrations is the Indian Prime Minister's speech. Something different, motivating as always, Modi's address to the teachers and students is the first of its kind that I remember from the recent years. Hats off to him for that wonderful planning of doing all that. The must have been thought of very earlier, might not be an impromptu. A lot to learn. 

Happy teachers' day to my parents and all the other teachers. Teaching is a profession which has an uniqueness in the aspects like respect, remembrance and satisfaction. Watching my mom and dad closely, who are teachers by profession, I've got plenty of chances to observe the all three aspects mentioned above.

Parents of the students come to you, handover their kids to you, believe you for everything that you can turn their kids to, that's the respect you have! 

An old student comes to you, along with him he brings the long lost memories of his whole batch, of his friends, of his the then dreams. Years might pass by, your hair might turn gray, you are still addressed the same, that's the remembrance you have.

Some of your old students become successful professionals, you feel proud to introduce your old students to your students, an ever increasing count of students achieving great things, this is the satisfaction that's gained over a period of time. 

Its one of the noble professions to choose. Unfortunately, these days it's not so preferred, not in all parts of the country although. Sometime back I heard that there will be special colleges and universities for those who aspire to choose teaching as their profession. This idea is well received too. Hope this comes true soon and before this government asks for another chance to serve another term. 

Happy teachers' day to all teachers once again. I sincerely thank all the teachers who have inspired me all throughout.

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