Sep 7, 2014

Movie: Mary Kom - Its about an inspiring sports person, by an energetic actress!

Sport has a lot spirit and emotions in it, which I'm in love with and probably addicted to. It feels not less than inspiring every time I follow and watch a match or a championship. Life histories of sports persons do attract me more than what a magnet can do to a piece of iron! Having said that, I need not mention how much I would have waited for the release of  'Mary Kom'. It took me no time to book the ticket eventually after its release couple of days back. 

First and foremost, for the first time ever I realized that I was watching the northern east side of India on the silver screen. Manipuri slang did not trouble me. The terminology of the boxing used in the movie of course did confuse me but not too much to an extent that I could not follow the flow of the movie. Movie definitely did not have a rich look, which was fair enough I guess as long as it resembled the true incidents and the life style of Manipur. Script was not really half cooked, considering the evident efforts the writers put in at some of the scenes. To give strength to the script, those scenes were the important ones. 

The emotions in the movie and in the story flow were so deep that I was moved after a long time while watching a movie in a theater. While I was so hesitant to move my hand to clear my tears, the person sat next to me was a little faster in clearing his own and hence cleared my hesitation too. Priyanka Chopra did an exceptionally good job. For an actress like her, in her success streak, leaving out the glamour and converting herself into the role that she was playing would not have been an easy juncture. Definitely not everyone can do it. She is already known for her energetic performances. This movie has once again proved that she can deliver that on a consistent basis. I have no doubts in saying that she will be one of the top contenders for this year's movie awards. My vote is for her already. 

Coaches play an important role and I think they own a potion of every successful sports person's career. MC Mary Kom's coach own's nothing less too. I'm not sure if the name was given by him in reality, but the way it was shown in the movie, he gave her the name and a lot along with it. Having your coach around in your tough times makes huge difference. You feel that the spirit is back to field, to keep you in action. settling down of the matters between Mrs Kom and her coach could not have been shown more impressively by anyone else than this director. 

By the way, never at one moment I felt like watching a film by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. No art work could be seen. All that was shown was the life of a Manipuri girl who loved boxing and dreamed to be world's best. As I write this, a scene from the post-interval part clicked to me. There was a scene in which Mary Kom's husband was shown arranging back her medals/shields in a room dedicated for them. That one probably would have been monitored by Mr. Bhansali. This is my wild guess. 

Life partner plays an important role in every person's life post marriage. In the case of a woman, a partner should be a lot more than a partner. He should be supportive more than what he could ever promise. With kids in place, its even demanding. While watching the movie, I was really happy for her and was thinking about her husband and his dedication towards their partnership. Family support is there most of the times but winning parents' hearts by achieving something is an ultimate thing to do. Opponents play an unforgettable role in any sports person's life. Team mates are never less a supporters. Frankly all this could have been depicted in a better way in the movie, but then, had it been that way it would have been a typical Indian movie rather than a depiction of the life of a middle class Indian woman player. 

I loved the movie. A must watch for all sport lovers. A must watch for all the fans of the former Miss World, Priyanka Chopra. Good one! Congratulations to the entire team of 'Mary Kom'. 

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