Sep 14, 2014

Understand people to their maximum!

Being social animals, over a period of time, we must learn to ignore certain statements made against us, we must not ignore any person although. Its not that people stand against each other. Its just that they stand against each other's perspectives of life. Everyone of us have our own thoughts based on our experiences, understanding capabilities, circumstances and so on. When a person says something about you, it might or might not be entirely correct. Most of the times, its definitely not entirely true. But every time it might be correct, from the point of view of that person. True and false matters at individual level to all of us. But right and wrong must be seen in totality. Yes, they matter too, but not beyond an extent that we cut off relationships, be it in personal life or professional life. 

Being able to see and understand life from different perspectives is a bliss. Its very much practical as well. Nothing in life is ideal. At the same time not everything is practical in nature either. Its up to us how we look at life. Its up to us how we perceive things and happenings. 

Do not think much about what's being said about you. Yes, it interests. It motivates. It pinches too at times. But that cannot lead you anywhere. What all that matters in life is how you understand the other person. When he or she says something, how do you take it what matters and along with that how do you maintain your relationship irrespective of what's said. People don't change much. If they are elders to you, expecting a change in them is nothing less than a unending wait. Get their perspective. Understand that everyone is unique. Try and introspect. After all that, if you think you are correct, be what you are. You are the ultimate judge for everything that you do, until and unless you harm someone. Doing things knowingly and in full self control is a dream to come true in every person's life. It is of course difficult to achieve. But not impossible. Build up the list of your perspectives of life. Understand people to their maximum. Enjoy life to the fullest. 

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