Oct 13, 2014

Book: half girlfriend

Author: Chetan Bhagat

The title of the book did not impress me when I heard of it for the first time. 'Half Girlfriend' appeared to be the story of a girl who was halfhearted in her relationship. I also thought that this story had been probably narrated by a boy about his so called half girlfriend. One more reason why I delayed reading this book was the news I had read from the internet saying that a Bollywood movie was being planned based on the story of this book. I thought watching the movie will save at least three hours of my time. But the recent big billion day sale in 'flipkart' had assured I ordered this book for 99 bucks. We ladies buy mostly everything if there is a discount offer to it or at least something comes free along with.  
Initial two pages of the story proved that the decision I had taken on the big billion day made some sense, if not entirely correct. Mention of the 'journals of a dead woman' do create the all needed over-enthusiasm to make you delay your food routine. The story telling skill of the author definitely deserves a pat on the back. Because I had heard about the movie-plan off the novel, every line that I read and every situation made me imagine the typical Bollywood movie scenes. At few instances I actually searched for the actress who suits best for the 'heroine' role of the story narrated in the book, I could not be successful although. 

Yet another fiction work from Chetan Bhagat! A typical, of his type, fiction. As the story was about a half girlfriend, the author could not bring in the hard core romantic scenes in between. However, he could manage to hold the readers, at least me, to the story line. Narration was not so great, to be honest, so as the middle portion of the story. It bored me to the core when all of a sudden the heroine was out of the story for a while in between. Basketball was a good choice to build the story around in a college environment. No other game could probably have been a better choice for the theme of the story. 

The last part of the story was the best. Frankly, that's like a second-life for this novel. Since the story was to be built around almost ten years, there were certain sudden jumps the author had to take. To an extent they were wisely chosen. Bill Gates episode was too much to the plot. Well, I'm more interested in knowing who will play this role or how the director is going to change this particular episode of the story while making the movie. Anyone can be imagined while you read through, picturization is somewhat different I guess. 

Whatever, it was a good read. An interesting one to be specific. Although not the entire story but some twists of the story made me unable to keep the book aside and do something else! For me, 'Five point someone' and '2 states' still remain the best of Chetan Bhagat's novels so far. Awaiting another cracker of a fiction from him! 

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