Oct 7, 2014

Congratulations to the Asian games medalists!

Firstly, congratulations to the Asian games metallists from India and all other countries. Podium finish is never easy. It takes lot many hard practice sessions and too many sacrifices in personal life. Yet, there have been players and their coaches who have done their best to come out well in the recently held 17th Asian games. Congratulations to them once again! 

Out of all the medals India have won, the one which has inspired is the good medal won be M C Mary Kom. By saying that I have no intentions of conveying that the rest of the medals are not valuable. It's just that I'm most touched emotionally by this medal superbly won by this woman. That's a real come back to the boxing ring. It will become one of the best come backs of sporting world, if she manages to wi an Olympic gold at the Rio Olympics 2016. All the best to her. 

Hockey team played their best sport in the past few weeks. Absolutely unexpected yet the most cherishing and satisfying. When they were on the podium and when the national anthem was played, it was one of the best experiences I ever had. May be it's too much to say it now, but I'm hopeful of a medal at the Olympics. Also, I hope this team will not take this win to head. Kabaddi is the sport I have a special affection for. Those moments of witnessing our school team practicing it hard for the zonal games from a closer distance and encouraging them to win it at the zonals just come to my mind every time I think of kabaddi. Those were some of the beautiful moments from my school days. Kabaddi teams won the gold medals as expected although not in the expected manner. Iranian teams played really well to put forward a tough fight. They will definitely, I think, take these losses seriously and will try to put forward their best in the upcoming games at Jakarta. Indian teams must prepare themselves very well by being extremely careful and aware of the opponents. 

4*400 m relay gold win run by the girls was fantastic. It's not that easy to win it for the fourth time consecutively. That too after all the misery the team had to go through after the ban they had to face in 2011. Well done girls, keep it up. Again, this is one of the events to look forward at the Rio Olympics. Seems Poonia got a life stabilising medal. She must have already been geared up for the practice sessions for Olympics. She must be consistent in her throws.

Every medal is important and hard fought in the games. Although the Indian squad could not manage to get more medals than last year, they have got some important ones this time. Saket Myneni and Sania Mirza did well. Appreciate the decision of Mirza. Badminton squad disappointed. So as the weight lifting, boxing, shooting etc. Abhinav Bindra's retirement decision surprised me. Good that he is still thinking of the next Olympics.

All in all, that's a good show by the team. But the fact is that it's incomparable to that is the Chana's, our neighbours. Wonderful show they did perform. All appreciation to the facilities created by the authorities. Indian authorities must benchmark this. Hope they do. 

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