Oct 31, 2014

Life is big, live it enough!

We come across many good and hard events when we are there with someone on a job. All these events make our feelings and many eventual emotional moments. Some of these remain as best and bitter memories from that roller coaster ride. 

Our relationship with that person develops over a period of time, amidst all the types of emotions. When we are there around with each other, we definitely think of both the good and hard memories, based on different situations that we come across. At some frustrating times we may also await the last day. 

On the day of separation, certain obvious emotions win over everything else. Forgetting all the hard feelings for that moment, doing which does not seen to be difficult though, we bid farewell to each other. In smiles and in tears. 

Years later when we meet again, though both the best and bitter memories from past pop up in the memory lane, the best memories win over the bitter ones. Bitter memories might also appear as if they all happened for good. Mind w and heart will be fully occupied with the goodness, a pleasing one undoubtedly. We feel happy not just about the reunion but also about the whooping goodness we feel from with in. Out of all the thoughts that go through us and out of all the words we feel like uttering, only very few will be spelt out actually.

Time changes many things and people eventually get changed. However, the joy of goodness does not change. The sweetness of it tastes the sweetest. It feels great. Simply superb. When we experience all this, and that too after being fully involved in the series of events and thoughts happening to us at the moment of reunion, we realise a lot about life. 

Life is not for the bitter feelings for sure. It's big. It's really bigger than any hard feeling we have for someone. It's bigger and better than any bitter memory. If we can think of these and follow them in our present, life will be fully lively. Enjoy people for the way they are. Life is big, live it enough. 

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Ankita said...

nice post! life is all about forward and similarities are always boring. these differences make life interesting!