Oct 20, 2014

The flights, from the train!

Travelling by train in the night can be proven as an absolute bliss given certain coincidences as following. 

You manage to get the lower berth, most important than that is you manage to seat yourself next to the window. Getting seated in your allocated seat needs to be hardly fought for at times, especially if you are travelling from northern India to southern part. The train crosses so many states, you get to travel along with people from all those states, that makes you all of a sudden realize the diversity in the Indian culture and people about which you must have studied in the early schooling days. That must be a moon light night, moon shall at least be shining more than half. The train crosses the river or a canal which is wider enough to see the waves. From the window, you be able to capture the scenery of the night. The water waves in the silver shade shine from a distance. You be dumbstruck! Well, this is one of the blissful moments. Likewise, everyone of us must have had something or the other of equivalent experiences. 

In the recent train journey, I've experienced another scene. This is not that typical one as above that I can ask you to recall one such that you had. Of course I managed to seat myself next to the window. I was travelling from Pune to Trivandrum; hence fortunately I needed not to fight much to grab my very own seat. Our train was crossing Pune, it was about to leave the last stop of Pune. From the window I spotted a flight in the blinking lights. After looking at the angle with which the flight was travelling, I took at least a minute to understand that the flight was actually landing in the Pune airport and was not just took off. Following my habit of eyeing the plane until its disappearance from the sight, I kept looking at it. It reached the run way, the height of it was so low that I could no more spot it from the train anymore. I thought the pilot must have landed yet another flight to add up to his experience. 

I was not yet out of the thoughts about that flight, and suddenly I saw another flight moving ahead in the same direction to land. This one was, may be, a minute away from the earlier flight. I then followed it again to keep eyeing it until it reached the runway! Immediately after that I jumped into the thoughts about my memories from my previous visit to Delhi. Our cab did not even move more than half a kilometer, there were two flights already crossed our cab to be successfully landed in the International terminal. Along the rest of our cab journey, I kept watching the sky only to spot the flights, one after the other, getting ready for landing. India is still 'the developing country', what must be the time difference between the landing of two flights in a developed country! I wonder if that's a worthy comparison!

After I saw the two flights from the train, and after I was done with the recollection of my 'Delhi' memories, my wish to spot yet another flight climbed up. I kept looking for one. Only after almost fifteen minutes of not being able make at least one flight, I discovered that I actually had to look further up in the sky, and in angle, to be able to spot a flight, as our train was moving away from Pune and hence from the airport. At that particular location, flight might still be up in the air as it would be minutes before it dripping down for its landing. 

I could go back to listening to music and sleep only after I spotted another flight up in the sky. I wondered how physics, the subject that must have almost killed many of us in plus two days, could be forgotten when it was supposed to be applied. And I'm going to remember this for the rest of my life, in all train journeys. May be that's why they say, experience is the best teacher!

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