Nov 16, 2014

Saina and Srikanth win the China Open!

I've just seen the Wikipedia page of the 'China Open' super series and I'm excited to see the Indian flag and the names of the two players being mentioned in the winners list for the first time since the beginning of the tournament. Saina and Srikanth are the stars of the day, Srikanth being a bit more for winning it over the two time Olympic Champion and three time China Open champion in Men's singles, Lin Dan.

The news of Srikanth's victory made me realize what I'd missing by being too much of an English movie buff and therefore missing out on watching the live BWF matches from China. I usually watch the semi finals and finals, especially then when the Indian players are in. This time round, both the women's singles and men's singles would have given me one of the most memorable experiences. Well, gone is gone. I'm extremely happy for these two players, the winners of the day!

Saina Nehwal and Srkanth Kitambi, congratulations for the Championships! Keep going! 

'Modi' is the name...!

"Modi" is the name going around India and among Indians abroad lately. Speech of the Indian Prime Minister at the Madison square has won millions of hearts already. His visit to Brisbane and unveiling of the statue of Mahatma Gandhi has once again proved that Mr. Narendra Modi is the most celebrated Indian Prime Minister that India and the world have seen in the recent times. His inspiring personality, his way of social networking and therefore being expressive and to his people, his amazing skill of public speaking have been contributing in making him the most watchable personality in politics across the globe among his contemporaries. It is an undeniable fact that he is definitely doing his best and ensuring that the rest of the cabinet and Indian delegation do their best to the country we all Indians owe a lot to. If it was not for him, the 'Swatch Bharat' would have taken more than expected time to reach out to the population of this country. Its his ways of ruling, decision making, policy making and along with that being close to the crowd have been the pillars of the successes of the programs he has envisaged so far. 

Although moving around the nations, across the globe, is nothing different among the Indian Prime Ministers, every visit of Mr. Modi to another country gives a thick ray of hope. A hope that we all deserve a lot more than what we have been taught to hope for. His speech at the Roma Street and he mentioning of "Mahatma Gandhi is as relevant today as he was in his lifetime" is the evident of his thoughts towards this nation, towards taking the country in a way that once many brave fighters thought of. A lot need to be done for that and I think he fully accepts the fact that he cannot do that alone. That he needs to take the citizens along with him. Hence the speeches, hence the tweets, hence the messages to reach the right and energetic core of the nation, the young Indians. Response from the citizens so far is incredible. May this all continue, may be in a further better way and in a soulful manner!

Well, its anyhow too early to say too much. However, this post is deep satisfaction about what he has been doing for this country, and in great respect for our Prime Minister, the only one of his type in the past two decades. While all my fellow Indians have been hoping for the best, let me also continue my best hopes ever for this nation. Anything can be done will be done. Anything that can happen will happen. Murphy's law, although not applicable directly for the emotions, but I guess there is no spoiler in relating it. After all, emotions are yet another powerful sources for the big to happen. May he be able to keep the nation as united as ever or more than that, probably! 

Nov 14, 2014

Its high time to be consistent, Rohit Sharma!

My fondness towards cricket is mostly known among my friends. There were many occasions when I got calls from my cricket-buddies to inform me to switch on TV, in case I was not watching the match, to look at the score card, to ask me to come down to watch the match together and even to congratulate me when India won a high profile tournament. Looking back at all that now, I feel I was a lot remembered, be cricket the reason, and it feels really happy. 

The highly satisfying world cup win or the sachin's retirement or the IPL match that I watched in the stadium, or the fondness i have developed over a period of time for other sports, whatever is the reason, I'm not so fond of cricket these days. I no more feel the connectivity, the craze, the unconditionalness, that once I enjoyed with cricket. It does not mean that I no more watch the game, its just that I just watch it with no much emotional connectivity to the players that I once used to strongly feel.

If there is still any player whom I strongly want to perform well, that's Rohit Sharma. Again, I'm not sure why its he, I just want to see him playing his knocks on consistent manner. In that context, the call I got from a close friend yesterday would stand important. I quickly had a look at the score card and was amazed by seeing the number. 251 notout was his score with nine more balls to go in the fifty over contest. It was a joyous moment as fas as I was concerned. I just hung on the cricinfo site until the last ball, on which he got out, and added many beautiful moments to my memory. Thanks to rohit for all this. Hearty Congratulations to him!!!

Now all that I want, as always wanted after his blistering knocks earlier, is his consistency. Ahead of the world cup down under, I wish him all the very best to prove himself to be one of the valuable players in the squad.

All the best once again and thanks Rohit!!

Nov 12, 2014

Well done! Down under is never easy!

Hearty congratulations to Team India for the dominating victory over the visiting Lankans in the ongoing series. One or the other member of the team coming up to the situation and making things with work for the team, which is predominantly important right before the major tournament of the world's cricket. This home series has established good headaches for the team management. It's now up to the management to choose the playing eleven, I guess, and enough of experimentation now! Making the good players feel important at the same time secure is a though task although, many a team managements have proved already that it's not an unmanageable task. Yes, given the untestable Indian mindsets of the Indian players, Ravi Shashtri and team might have to script carefully. Hope they will succeed. 

Tournament down under has never been easy for the Indian cricket team. The present team is no exception although there are many heroics have been displayed in the recent times. 

Raina is playing awesome but the change of the soil might impact his game and if that happens, India will be on serious problems to deal with about the middle order, which will have to play an important role in the Australian conditions. Opening batsmen are impressive so far, but again, how these men are going to face the new ball and frightening bowling units teams like South Africa, Australia, Pakistan have! Spinners might be very handy given the circumstances, a lot is still left to toss. Which is not a bright sign of being the reigning world champions. Experience level of the team in the Australian or newzeland's conditions is yet not qualified to be the factor to cherrish. The less we speak about the slag over bowling the better we all can hope for the best to happen at the world cup.

Having said all that, I'm not yet in a mood to believe that team India will come out with flying colours. But I definitely want the team to put it's best effort to fight out the difficult conditions in every match. They must endure! All the very best.

My support this time as well is extended to the South African team, who is yet to win the big cup. With Garry around, I sincerely hope their destiny changes, chowking ends, smiles last until the last moments of the world cup! 

Nov 5, 2014

Sachin's autobiography, a feast to come my way!

Ever since I started reading books, otherthan the ones from curriculum, I have been desperately waiting to read the autobiography of Sachin Tendulkar. Having been a follower of cricket and having had received inspiration from this most celebrated Indian cricketer many a times in my life, my wait for his book makes all sense to myself. It's good that Sachin has decided to put some portion of his life in pages. Apart from making money, I'm sure this book is going to help the readers from psychological and spiritual perspectives. 

Sachin is not so fond of speaking out things in public. The deep and an obvious wish to give his very own book a complacent look might have encouraged him to go back in time, in memories, to bring out the all unsaid over all these years. That's going to be an interesting read. Not just book lovers, I think, cricket and Sachin lovers are going to purchase this book to know about their ever lovable little matter and his side of the story. 

The pricing of the book surprised me to be frank. It should have been lower than that of the current price. The price of it might be a problem in the reachability of this book to the mass readers. Piracy might make the things easier but I sincerely hope that does not happen. That's all I can do about it for not. Although the pricing surprised me, the size of it did not. After all, it's about the longest carrier in the history of cricket and about one of the few players the sport loved back. 

I'm all geared up for the read. I congratulate Sachin Tendulkar on the eve of his book release. No doubt, many of the readers are going to believe him and I will be of no different. However, keeping up the commonsense is important. I'm sure I'm going to enjoy this read. Wish you the same, if you wish to do so. 

Book: SACHIN TENDULKAR, Playing It My Way, My Autobiography - Sachin Tendulkar with Boris Majumdar. 

Soft skills... Take Home #361

Most of the happenings about which we have wars of words turn out to be unworthy items if they can be seen at a broader perspective, i.e. with respect to the years of togetherness and long careers we all will have in our personal and professional lives respectively. 

And to look at the matters in broader perspective, it takes positivemindedness, patience and prioritisation. All these soft skills are worth practising by giving a mindful thought as and when the situation demands. 

Nov 2, 2014

Overdo... Take Home #360

What can make it can break it too. Beware of the overdo. 

Nov 1, 2014

Its all about filling our kitty with inspiration!

A lot goes on in everyone's life. Good and bad. Simple and tough. Happy and sad moments. Inspiring and depressive. Amidst of everything, there are people who strike back at life in all passion, strength, willingness, enduring and come out winning, if not all the times but at crucial modes which eventually turn their dreams as true in their lives. 

We shall know and if possible observe such incidents/people from present and history. It inspires a lot. It, knowingly or unknowingly, develops the necessary medicine within us such that we can use it ourselves on ourselves at certain difficult times of our lives. As I always say, reading biographies and autobiographies do contribute a lot in accomplishing the above said. What's written in the book and how much true and false it could be, do not matter much. I suggest you do not think of all those. We all might have been told many stories since childhood. Though not all of them are true, they surly build up our thoughts. Similarly, although what's written in books might or might not be true entirely, but if we look at them is positive sense they do build our thoughts. Its up to us how to convert all that into an inspiration and move on with our lives and achievements.

PS: Many people spoke to me about certain speculations on biographies and autobiographies, whenever I said that I had been passionate about reading them. I could not answer them all there and then as I did not have any answer. Over a period of time I thought about it and the above written was into my mind lastly. Just wanted to share that with you all. Opinions may differ and I will be happy to read what you have to say in comments section.