Nov 1, 2014

Its all about filling our kitty with inspiration!

A lot goes on in everyone's life. Good and bad. Simple and tough. Happy and sad moments. Inspiring and depressive. Amidst of everything, there are people who strike back at life in all passion, strength, willingness, enduring and come out winning, if not all the times but at crucial modes which eventually turn their dreams as true in their lives. 

We shall know and if possible observe such incidents/people from present and history. It inspires a lot. It, knowingly or unknowingly, develops the necessary medicine within us such that we can use it ourselves on ourselves at certain difficult times of our lives. As I always say, reading biographies and autobiographies do contribute a lot in accomplishing the above said. What's written in the book and how much true and false it could be, do not matter much. I suggest you do not think of all those. We all might have been told many stories since childhood. Though not all of them are true, they surly build up our thoughts. Similarly, although what's written in books might or might not be true entirely, but if we look at them is positive sense they do build our thoughts. Its up to us how to convert all that into an inspiration and move on with our lives and achievements.

PS: Many people spoke to me about certain speculations on biographies and autobiographies, whenever I said that I had been passionate about reading them. I could not answer them all there and then as I did not have any answer. Over a period of time I thought about it and the above written was into my mind lastly. Just wanted to share that with you all. Opinions may differ and I will be happy to read what you have to say in comments section. 

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