Nov 14, 2014

Its high time to be consistent, Rohit Sharma!

My fondness towards cricket is mostly known among my friends. There were many occasions when I got calls from my cricket-buddies to inform me to switch on TV, in case I was not watching the match, to look at the score card, to ask me to come down to watch the match together and even to congratulate me when India won a high profile tournament. Looking back at all that now, I feel I was a lot remembered, be cricket the reason, and it feels really happy. 

The highly satisfying world cup win or the sachin's retirement or the IPL match that I watched in the stadium, or the fondness i have developed over a period of time for other sports, whatever is the reason, I'm not so fond of cricket these days. I no more feel the connectivity, the craze, the unconditionalness, that once I enjoyed with cricket. It does not mean that I no more watch the game, its just that I just watch it with no much emotional connectivity to the players that I once used to strongly feel.

If there is still any player whom I strongly want to perform well, that's Rohit Sharma. Again, I'm not sure why its he, I just want to see him playing his knocks on consistent manner. In that context, the call I got from a close friend yesterday would stand important. I quickly had a look at the score card and was amazed by seeing the number. 251 notout was his score with nine more balls to go in the fifty over contest. It was a joyous moment as fas as I was concerned. I just hung on the cricinfo site until the last ball, on which he got out, and added many beautiful moments to my memory. Thanks to rohit for all this. Hearty Congratulations to him!!!

Now all that I want, as always wanted after his blistering knocks earlier, is his consistency. Ahead of the world cup down under, I wish him all the very best to prove himself to be one of the valuable players in the squad.

All the best once again and thanks Rohit!!