Nov 16, 2014

'Modi' is the name...!

"Modi" is the name going around India and among Indians abroad lately. Speech of the Indian Prime Minister at the Madison square has won millions of hearts already. His visit to Brisbane and unveiling of the statue of Mahatma Gandhi has once again proved that Mr. Narendra Modi is the most celebrated Indian Prime Minister that India and the world have seen in the recent times. His inspiring personality, his way of social networking and therefore being expressive and to his people, his amazing skill of public speaking have been contributing in making him the most watchable personality in politics across the globe among his contemporaries. It is an undeniable fact that he is definitely doing his best and ensuring that the rest of the cabinet and Indian delegation do their best to the country we all Indians owe a lot to. If it was not for him, the 'Swatch Bharat' would have taken more than expected time to reach out to the population of this country. Its his ways of ruling, decision making, policy making and along with that being close to the crowd have been the pillars of the successes of the programs he has envisaged so far. 

Although moving around the nations, across the globe, is nothing different among the Indian Prime Ministers, every visit of Mr. Modi to another country gives a thick ray of hope. A hope that we all deserve a lot more than what we have been taught to hope for. His speech at the Roma Street and he mentioning of "Mahatma Gandhi is as relevant today as he was in his lifetime" is the evident of his thoughts towards this nation, towards taking the country in a way that once many brave fighters thought of. A lot need to be done for that and I think he fully accepts the fact that he cannot do that alone. That he needs to take the citizens along with him. Hence the speeches, hence the tweets, hence the messages to reach the right and energetic core of the nation, the young Indians. Response from the citizens so far is incredible. May this all continue, may be in a further better way and in a soulful manner!

Well, its anyhow too early to say too much. However, this post is deep satisfaction about what he has been doing for this country, and in great respect for our Prime Minister, the only one of his type in the past two decades. While all my fellow Indians have been hoping for the best, let me also continue my best hopes ever for this nation. Anything can be done will be done. Anything that can happen will happen. Murphy's law, although not applicable directly for the emotions, but I guess there is no spoiler in relating it. After all, emotions are yet another powerful sources for the big to happen. May he be able to keep the nation as united as ever or more than that, probably! 

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