Nov 16, 2014

Saina and Srikanth win the China Open!

I've just seen the Wikipedia page of the 'China Open' super series and I'm excited to see the Indian flag and the names of the two players being mentioned in the winners list for the first time since the beginning of the tournament. Saina and Srikanth are the stars of the day, Srikanth being a bit more for winning it over the two time Olympic Champion and three time China Open champion in Men's singles, Lin Dan.

The news of Srikanth's victory made me realize what I'd missing by being too much of an English movie buff and therefore missing out on watching the live BWF matches from China. I usually watch the semi finals and finals, especially then when the Indian players are in. This time round, both the women's singles and men's singles would have given me one of the most memorable experiences. Well, gone is gone. I'm extremely happy for these two players, the winners of the day!

Saina Nehwal and Srkanth Kitambi, congratulations for the Championships! Keep going! 

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KParthasarathi said...

The duo have made India proud by their exploits and success.