Dec 11, 2014

Interstellar... A two time watch!!

In this decade, Interstellar is the only movie I have watched twice in theatres. Not that I could not wait for its blue ray print to get released and that someone would download it for me. I just could not wait until all that happen. Also the visual effects and the back ground score are the major motivational factors that made me watch the movie for the second time. I watched the movie another time after a gap of one week. By doing that I allowed myself to be up to date about the scientific script which is the main thing to be understood and appreciated about the movie. I had gone through all the possible and available webpages to know the script better. With couple of doubts still remaining after all that home work, I had gone to the movie for the second time with a clear mind to watch few scenes with the maximum possible concentration. I could succeed!!!

Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight series was the main motivating factor behind me going to watch this movie on the first day of its where. Full marks to Nolan according to me. His selection of the scientific advisor is world wide complemented. And I second everyone in supporting that. I especially loved the back ground score at some scenes although not in all the scenes. When I watched it for the first time I thought this was a must watch. But when I watched it again, I was sure that it was a two time watch. Or one should know the script, do enough study and then go for watching it, but that will be the worst spoiler one can afford of. 

Just like the ending of the Inception, this movie too had a paradoxical ending. Leaving that, the rest of the movie is clean to be understood both scientifically and emotionally. The father-daughter sentiment is the emotional plus point for the movie along with the motive of the crew of the interstellar travel to do so for the human species and not for any particular person. The wormhole and the gravitational relativity of time are the scientific advantages which have just matched to the script. Hats off to the story writer, director and especially the scientific advisor.

All in all this movie is a marvel came my way in the recent years. It's been almost three weeks I watched the movie for the second time yet I can still manage to get lost into the thoughts of the movie whenever I want to. That's the impact it probably had on me. Needless to say that I'm eagerly waiting for the blue ray print of this movie get released in the internet, if I may say so here! If you haven't watched it yet, please do so first. And if you have already watched, do let me know what's your experience with the movie. Before I close this post, I would like to mention they I'm eagerly waiting to know how many Oscar awards this movie will have in its kitty. All the best to the team Interstellar.

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