Aug 31, 2014

Determination... Take Home #348

Determination chips in that extra ounce of effort required to keep the hopes of winning alive. Put every effort to find the reasons to be determined. It will make sure your play it in an adorable way. 

Aug 16, 2014


Loneliness is nowhere else!
Its all in your thoughts. 

Engage yourself,
Try your best to escape it, 
And you will escape it.

Loneliness is nowhere else!
Its all in your thoughts.

Aug 10, 2014

Learning is equal to the amount of task done!

Learning is of two types. One, learning in the form of the deep down understanding of a given project. Two, learning to be taken forward to ensure that the similar mistakes or rather shortcomings do not repeat while we do another project. Be it mistakes or shortcomings might have resulted out of various steps that we would have followed while trying to accomplish the task at hand in the given time. The amount of mistakes depends upon the newness of the task or the newness of us towards the task. The amount of learning from a task depends upon the mistakes we would have done, the hurdles we would have crossed and most importantly the thoughtfulness of us to find out the learning hidden either in a debacle or in an error near-missed. 

The learning is directly proportional to the mistakes done. The mistakes are directly proportional to the tasks or things done or attempted. Hence, by following the mathematical rule learnt in school, the amount of learning is of course proportional to the tasks done. Do not get worried to know that your list of learning is too long, that your list of mistakes were too many! Be courageous and bold enough to believe the fact that you have done so much, attempted so much, accomplished so much in the given time. Take forward the learning and give your best to implement it at the next best needy occasion. That's how life moves on, that's how work goes on. So as work life. 

Always try to perform your best. Do your duty to your best potential. Do not be too much conscious of not making any mistakes. Let a few happen, don't bother as long as you are taking necessary decisions respecting the time line that you have to follow. Learn from them and move on.

Broaden your perspectives... Take Home #347

Those who do not question may not like to get questioned. It does not mean that the only way to deal with them is not to question. Keeping up the habit of assertiveness in questioning is important for your learning and hence to broaden your perspectives. 

To find yourself... Take Home #346

A job can be given to you because of someone's confidence in you or his/her helplessness in that given situation. If you understand it as confidence, try your best to live up to it. If you understand it as helplessness, perform it your best to gain his/her confidence.

Whichever is the case, ultimately its an opportunity that allows you to find yourself. 

Aug 6, 2014

Comeback... Take Home #345

Believe that you can win. At the same time, also be learnt of the fact that you can lose it too. Accept the defeat in all grace; plan and practice your comeback. 

Aug 5, 2014

Defeat or win... Take Home #344

Its not the win or defeat that alone makes us happy or sad. Its how we accept and respond to them that contributes a lot to how we celebrate the win or introspect the loss. Also, the importance of a win in the given moment is another factor. Where as, the impact of the defeat in the given situation either strikes us hard or leave us on a casual awe!

Aug 1, 2014

When defeat cannot touch you...Take Home @343

In spite of you being involved in the game with all dedication, the moment when defeat cannot touch you emotionally, that's one of those moments you experience the ultimate enjoyment of playing the game.