Feb 8, 2015

Movie: BABY - A very typical one on Anti-Terrorist Forces!

A lot movies have been already made on the anti-terrorist forces that work day in and day out in India against the terrorist attacks. BABY as well is such a movie that's inspired from the public servants who put their everything including their lives into their jobs. Knowing the fact that anything going wrong can allow the Indian Government to wash out their hands from what has happened, the employees who do this job must be the soldiers with a deep will and wish to do the jobs that they do. I salute all those people because of whom we all live our so called normal lives. We get to hear about terrorism when these people fail. Every other incident that has been successfully defended by these forces is hardly identified and hailed by us.

Akshay Kumar has done a good job. The best part of the movie is that he did not have to laugh much! Any that's why the movie turned out to be a good one eventually, at least according to me. Anupam Kher's role was funny as well as touchy. Rana Daggubati played his character surprisingly well. Music was not so impressive, however, it was not dumb too! Script was thoughtful. This movie is a one time watch all in all and a good watch too. 

We talk a lot about terrorism when a terrorist attack happens. And then there comes usually another news that covers up the news related to the attack and diverts the concentration and attention of everyone. Well, its not the other news that actually stops us from thinking about the terrorism and its incredible growth during the last two decades. Its actually the way we are and the way we conveniently ignore certain incidents which might have deeply hurt many a people out there. We all simply move on! But that's when the job of the anti-terrorist squad starts. They must be as wide spread as that of the terrorist forces. They must be as investigative as that of the terrorists who build their network across the oceans with utmost ease! The brains needs to be on high note all the time and so as the bodies. Its definitely not easy. To play the roles of such sincere officers, one must be equally sincere with their roles. Otherwise, the audience can easily get disconnected with the plot. Askhay Kumar and his co-stars have done a sincere job in that way. 

Few of the last scenes of the movie in the airport and flight made me recollect the Hollywood movie, Argo. Whereas the plots of these two movies are entirely different, it seems the climax has been picturized with an inspiration from the said Hollywood movie! I might be wrong in my guess too! Well, whatever, the work of the cast and crew of this movie is appreciable. Watch it if you are a great fan of action thrillers. You will appreciate your choice. 

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