Mar 15, 2015

The pleasingly surprising winning streak of Team India!

I never thought I will write about one of the most surprising yet very pleasing winning streak of Team India in the world cup 2015 down under. Even when they won the world cup in 2011 on home soil, they still lost matches. However, this time round, they made sure being their best. World cup down under is special as far as the sub-continental players are concerned. Its not just about cricket strategies against opponent players, its also about reading the pitch, getting adjusted to the conditions, preparing oneself to face the pace. Its a great challenge for the captains and coaches especially, to make sure their players are up to the mark in terms of their psychological preparation. I'm truly happy that Team India could win all six league matches in a row. They are through to the quarter finals and are up against another team from the sub-continent, Bangladesh, who as well performed unexpectedly very well. 

If Pakistan can make it today against Ireland, then all four teams from the sub-continent will  be in the last eight. That's a great achievement for all the players from the Indian subcontinent. Best wishes to Pakistani team for whom the win against Ireland is a serious due to Bob Wolmer, their former coach. 

Along with it being six on six for India, its sixty on sixty for the bowling department, which is unbelievable still. But these guys, as a team, have proven that anything is possible provided you have the conviction and discipline. Whomsoever they had been up against, they were disciplined enough to support executing the team strategies. No star players are around but they have proven that they are not required always. Batting department is as always one of the India's strongest points. From the top to the middle order, everyone have done tremendously well so far.  I think that's a good confidence gain before the knockouts. If at all there is any disappointment, that's surely Ravindra Jadeja's performance. Its true that he has not yet delivered his best, I just hope he comes to the form too, which is the state of mind as per Dhoni and is indeed required before the face-offs.   

I wish Team India all the best to perform to their best capabilities. Defending the title is the aim which has been done so profoundly by them so far. It will be interesting to watch if India will be the same against the opponents in the knock-outs. Join me in wishing them all the possible strength. 

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KParthasarathi said...

The knockout stage has begun.India may overcome Bangladesh easily in QF.Thereafter it is unpredictable with each team having its day.If MSD can defend the title,he will join the illustrious league of Lloyd and Ponting.
Here is wishing Indian team all the best