Mar 5, 2015

Woman, thoughts and emotions - That's a winning combination!

Is a beautiful bundle,
Of thoughts and emotions.

Beauty is more a synonym for a woman. Beauty is of course about the appearance literally, however, here beauty meant more for the habitual carrying of herself in everything she does. Be it the personal responsibilities or professional, what makes a woman respectful and standout is majorly the contentedness she naturally possesses by nature towards the work she does, things she manages, and the people she handles. It is this very natural affair of a woman that makes her a bit more attractive and hence approachable in many a matters, especially when it comes to work. 

Emotions, unfortunately, are attributed to a negative notion these days. Whereas in reality, emotions are the precious gems every person inherently has. Emotions of women are of course not easily understood every time, but they are the backbone of their success in the field they are in. Their emotional quotient at many a times wins the games for them. It makes them more understanding and understandable , if not always. Thoughts are not to get lost. Definitely not. They are as well the strong assets of every person. And for a woman, thoughts are the pillars of her empire. The richer the thoughts of a woman are is the richness she actually enjoys and shares with everyone around. 

Without emotions and thoughts, work life is not what it is supposed to be. As a woman, I strongly suggest every fellow woman not to get worried when someone tags her that she is emotional. Just remember that the power of emotions is not properly understood by many a men yet. So, do not lose confidence or do not tend to be someone else when at times you need to face comments about your emotions. Well, knowing how to be so is as important as being emotional. Women are criticized for not being able to manage the way they show their emotions rather than for being emotional. Who under sun does not have emotions, by the way? Women must work a lot upon their thoughts and emotions to be an acceptable being around. 

The combination of women, emotions and thoughts is undoubtedly a winning one. Believe in yourself, learn to use your emotions and be rich in your thoughts. The win is never too far. 

Coming up: Women and the work life - Its not easy, however, its important!

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yamini meduri said...

Am here after a long time and reading you had always been great....!!!

Good post sis.... Feel good one