Mar 8, 2015

Women and the work life balance- Its not easy; however, its important!

To all the ladies out there, I wish a very happy women's day! Being a woman is itself a celebration. This is the day to celebrate the celebration. 

The more you be a woman,
The more you realize the importance.
The more you realize,
The more you love being a woman.

Having been a woman myself and having been observed many a women daily, the above lines are out of my own experience. The more you be a woman, the more you love being a woman! 

I was never a feminist. Of course, I'm not either. I strongly believe that being human and believing in humanism is more important than believing in any other 'ism'! In my experience, I'm a woman and I do what according to me that I should do. I also do certain things which need to be done by a woman as per the cultural rules of the nation I've been born and brought up in, that's India. I'm enough thoughtful to understand the biological truths about being a woman and I'm not worried at all about them.  I be the woman I'm supposed to be. And I'm happy about it, ecstatic too at most of the times. 

The very basic fact that what I can do cannot be done by a man makes me energetic and ruthless in going for it. Be it the personal life or professional life, its the similar way I see things. If you can do something, you better do it. And if only you can do something, you must do it. You must celebrate doing that too. Gone are the days when women stayed at home looking after the household work only. I've full respect for all those who did that. In the culture and the times there lived, they did a fantastic job. However, I'm not sure how much percentage of them would have been conscious about and enjoyed what they had to do. 

The current times have altogether got different challenges for women. Its no more just a home-sitting. Its beyond that. In some cases, its  beyond what their husbands do. Its the woman's choice that makes then what they are and what they do. The moment they choose something, that means that are understandably conscious about what they are doing. The moment the choice turns out into reality, that's an enjoyment. This might or might not be true in all cases, however, considering the present times, this is it. Along with being a woman, its also about her work life. 

The work lives are prevailing so much to an extent that the personal life comes to a halt for the second half of the working week. And the weekend remains to be the only time to spend with family, to spend on herself, to spend for the major household works. May be that's a little too much to be left out for the weekend, which sometimes also gets occupied by work she gets home. Doing the above said jobs on the weekend makes the time run faster than may be Usain Bolt! Going into bed on the Sunday night with a fearful fact coming to the mind that the next day is actually a 'Monday' makes the sleep disturbing too at times. All in all, weekend ends on a moody note although it begins with all excitement. All this happens not because of the virtue of the work-life, but because of the lack of work-life balance. 

What we do on a weekend in half-an-hours time can also be done on a weekday in the same amount of time, if we look at it without any reservations. But just that the time on the weekday is not utilized properly, and also that it is so strongly put into many of ours minds that 'this task is for weekend', we mostly end up waiting for the weekend to do it. If we stick to basics and think about it, the same task can be done on a weekday too, provided it does not have a dependency on nature, like the requirement of sun-light etc. What usually stops us from doing certain tasks, in my observation and experience, is firstly the very conclusion that 'this task is for weekend' and the next is allowing our minds to think about work although we are at home, in the kitchen. 

There are of course some exceptions, like watching a serial! No other thought comes to mind while doing that, not even a phone call from boss can make it! Although we are fully aware that we can catch and watch the serial online later on, we do not just get away with it. It must be watched at its scheduled time and everything else is next except kids, may be! I've still not experienced this hence no idea, but I believe kids, especially when they are in their early ages, manage to win the race with a TV serial. 

Not keeping too many things pending for the weekend is a skill we all shall develop. Clearing as many tasks as possible on a weekday allows the time on weekend for us to spend the time with family and friends. 

Spending some time on ourselves is equally important for any woman to be refreshing and hence confident from within. We must love ourselves before expecting anyone else to love us. And for that, spending time for our interests is a key thing. 

Put off the conclusion 'this task is for weekend' and do not let the work pile up. Complete the household tasks as much as possible on everyday and that makes the weekend a special day and also gives you a chance to make it special for your family. 

Sunday need not be waited for to go for grocery shopping. Friday evening is also a great choice but for that again, we must not pile up tasks for the last moments of the week at office. We must be as regular as possible in everything that we do so that we be regularly tension free. That's just perfect to plan anything on a weekend, majorly because we are away from office work. 

Work-life balance is not easy. However, its important in all respects that we should do our best to achieve it in all smiles and effortlessly. 

Once again, a very happy women's day all ladies. Enjoy your day!

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