Apr 22, 2015

Way of working... Take Home #377

Its not the kind of work you do but your way of working makes a lot difference to what you have in store at your work place. Your contribution to the organization also depends a lot on this fact. Never mind what you want to do or what you are asked to do, because you just cannot understand, at times, the broader spectrum and hence cannot decide what you have to do. However, keeping up the openness and clarity of thought in your way of working makes sure you get what you deserve although not what you want! 

After all, as a matter of fact, getting what you deserve is more important and fair enough than getting what you want.

What matters changes!

What matters changes at different point of times in everyone's life. It depends upon many things which are not in anyone's control at all the times. Do not get worried if you feel that you are not being prioritized by someone, who earlier probably did. Try to understand the world of him that has changed him around, try also to be back in it if you really wish to get back to his life. Try your maximum but with a prior understanding that it might or might not work! 

Celebrate your success if you can get through and if not, take it easy and try not to do the same for someone else! 

Japanese and the discipline!

This observation is from my recent Saturday shopping spree at Start Bazar. Its about two kids, appeared to be Japanese. One of them must be of age three and the other is of five.

While I was walking across every rack twice in the shopping mall, in a deep confusion about what to pick and what not to, I came across many kids between 3 to 7 years accompanying their parents to every corner of the shop that they go. One kid was seen suggesting his dad which  T-shirt he should select. The other one was seen shouting at his dad that he wanted a 'New toy' to play. Another one was seen having one of the new toys in his mouth already. Few kids wanted to be seated in the trolley and few never liked to be in there.

After watching all that and also after I successfully filled my medium sized orange trolley with few required items and a few nice-to-have ones, I entered the que to pay the bill. On the next counter, I saw a boy who was probably 3 years old in thick pink colored T-shirt and short. The pink colour shirt made me look at him again and again until he turned around so that his face could be seen from where I stood. He was in absolute white skin tone. His parents and his sister, who was seen to be around 5 years old, stood next to him. He was actually placed in the trolley and his sister was standing first but then slowly moved into the trolley next to her little brother. For me, who had earlier come across so many kids and their naughty dealings with their parents, these two kids appeared a lot different. A lot calm they were compared to the other kids. They both took one 'Kinder Joy' chocolate each and that's all they wanted their parents to buy for them from that hugely colorful shopping mall. They were seated next to each other all the time in the same trolley and there was absolutely no fight between the duo. Their mom and dad could complete the billing formalities without any interruption.

I've heard a lot about the discipline of the Japanese. This is the first time I've witnessed it ever. I do not mean that being calm is being disciplined. But being calm encourages the potential in us to be used at right places for right work and also to pay attention to the deserving. Probably, this has been in the culture over there nerve to nerve in those people since generations. In the globalization, everything changes so rapidly that we don't even get to know what makes us change. And I really appreciate the Japanese for maintaining their mark. I will remember those kids for a long time! 

Apr 20, 2015

Perspectives... Take Home #376

The more perspectives you understand, the broader your thinking is. The broader your thinking is, the better your decisions and choices are. 

Apr 8, 2015

A deep wish!

Happiness is although possible to be felt all the time, practically i.e. by considering the life styles of these days and the invariably increasing expectations of people towards each other in the relationships, being happy all the time is not seemingly quite possible for an average minded person. However what can be achieved in every relationship is the togetherness. Happy or sad, easier or tougher, whatever are the times, just staying with each other and working out the things together can work well for any relationship, does not matter how much ever different the two people are. Another thing to be remembered all the time is that no two people are alike in every aspect. Differences are inevitable. And since they are inevitable, they shall not be the reason to think that people cannot sort out the matters together.

Everything is possible provided you have the deep wish and commitment towards each other.

Apr 6, 2015


Being there for and respecting each other makes the togetherness absolutely blissful.