Apr 22, 2015

Way of working... Take Home #377

Its not the kind of work you do but your way of working makes a lot difference to what you have in store at your work place. Your contribution to the organization also depends a lot on this fact. Never mind what you want to do or what you are asked to do, because you just cannot understand, at times, the broader spectrum and hence cannot decide what you have to do. However, keeping up the openness and clarity of thought in your way of working makes sure you get what you deserve although not what you want! 

After all, as a matter of fact, getting what you deserve is more important and fair enough than getting what you want.


KParthasarathi said...

I agree that the way we work matters a lot.But I feel there should be role clarity and an understanding of what you are expected to do is vital for company's objective and one's growth

Ellen said...

I think an employee should, as a rule, relegate his wants or needs to the back and focus on what the company wants him to do first and foremost. There is an overall company objective to be met and that should be everybody's goal, don't you think?

Blessings to you, Pram, and your family.