May 28, 2015

Identify it from within... Take Home #385

Primarily, its your responsibility to make your life interesting, joyful and meaningful. Rest everyone, who you think can contribute towards your life, can definitely contribute not beyond what you can do for yourself, although few are exceptions. Gear up and start identifying it from within.    

And taking responsibility shall immediately start when your existence is understood as 'good for nothing'.

Set the things right... Take Home #384

Not by just finishing off the matters but by doing the right things many a things can be set right. 

May 20, 2015

Assumption... Take Home #383

Making an assumption is nothing but choosing the convenient option. It usally gives relief for that moment. However, the effect can suck you, occasionally though. 

Better to have the clarity as much as possible!

'The best' tag... Take Home #382

'The best' tag is attached to anything in this world only until the better than the best is found. Realise this simple fact of life to get rid of the drowsiness that 'the best' tag gets to you. 

May 15, 2015

Finding the inspiration... Take Home #381

When you believe that what you are doing is right, you find a lot of inspiration from within. And when you know that what you are doing is not proper according to you, a lot of inspiration is required from the external sources, be it the circumstances or people, to complete the task. 

It's better to be first sure of your opinion about what you need to do and finding the necessary inspiration thereafter becomes easier. 

May 13, 2015

Meaning for the life... Take Home #380

Live life to create a meaning for it. The life, in your experience, can be bitter and wonderful at various points of times, but at the end, what matters the most is the contribution made by you, to your people, to the society and to this gigantic world. 

May 12, 2015

Leave enough room... Take Home #379

It does not always mean that what you cannot understand makes no sense. It just simply means that you do not understand it yet. Take time to understand and leave enough room for all the possible chances to prove it accurate, especially when it's about relationships, be it personal or professional. 

Times of no hope! ... Take Home #378

At times, we might have to choose the better to the best. But that does not mean we cannot do our best with it. Life can be unexpectedly friendly at times, that you cannot entertain the times of no hope. 

Life is not entirely ruled by what comes to you. Rather, it is, at all the times, about what you do with what you have! 

May 7, 2015

Between what one wants and needs to do!

For any person, there are two types of things he does in life. One, that what he wants to do. And two, that he needs to do. Prioritizing between them defines the gesture of that person. 

To understand what he wants to do, he has to know his passions. And to understand what he needs to do, he has to know his responsibilities. 

When it's time for him to decide between these two, what he ultimately does revelas his way of prioritizing people in his life. Whatever he chooses, that's nothing wrong on his side, he might be right in many of his ways and thoughts. He just needs to be understood more, if you think his is a wrong choice.