Jun 5, 2015

A season gone by without watching movies in theaters!

It feels almost ages that I watched a good movie in the theaters. I was occupied with some personal tasks for a couple of months in between, and the IPL later on halted the releases it seems. "Tanu weds manu returns"was talked a lot about but I could not make it to the theater. I'd love to watch Kangana once again on the screen after Queen. Mesmerizing smile she possesses that I fall for it every time. 'Queen'was a wonderful representation of emotions of a woman and she won hearts as well as a number of awards including the national best actress for the year 2015. 

There are couple of releases awaited in Telugu, my mother tongue, in June and July. One is 'Rudrama Devi", the historic biopic of the most remembered queen of the Kakatiya dynasty and the other one is 'Bahubali', the prestigious project that has been getting handled by an iconic director of the current times in Telugu, S.S. Rajamouli. Both are starring 'Anushka' in the female lead role and I'm sure it will be hair raising to watch her in her roles in these two movies. She is one of the finest actresses the Tollywood has presented to its audience. I wish the entire cast and crew of these two movies a very successful release and run of the movies. 

Looking forward for a good remaining season of this year for the movie-watching in theaters. Any by the way, my watching spree of  'Interstellar' is still not done. Its an amazing experience every time I watch it. I have kept understanding and realizing some or the other thing about the script. Christopher Nolan has done an exceptionally good job that I be dumbstruck about the taking on every watch! Wish to see many exceptional films from him and his other Hollywood director colleagues.   

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KParthasarathi said...

I am glad you have started watching movies.Give your feedback on movies including Telugu which you would commend for seeing.That Tanu movie rode on Kankanana's great acting ability.