Jun 24, 2015

In all support for M.S.Dhoni...!

Although I'm not a big fan of M.S. Dhoni, the Indian cricket team captain, this post is in all support for him. He is indeed captain cool. There is nothing wrong in being assertive at right time and he was so at the middle of the pitch during that recent infamous push! The bowler was at fault, in intention, and not the Indian captain. All of those, who are criticizing him to step down as captain, shall Get Well Soon and better start being a little more sportive! The runs he made today and during the world cup final under tremendous pressure are evident enough that he is something special at mind, never minding and just focusing! This is not as simple as commenting someone! Yes, he too has been at fault at many a times, but that's just being human, as everyone of us. It's just about how you look at it.  
I may not be entirely correct in saying the above, but that's what I have to say! It does not matter if India wins of loses today, does not matter if its a clean sweep, what Dhoni has done for the Indian cricket and the Indian sports is incredible. He has brought a new perspective to the way the game is played. Anyone can play and build records, but only few make actual difference to the 'sport' they play. Dhoni is one of such for Indian and world cricket. He has proven that being assertive is very important at win and loss. He has showed that being quick in decision making is important rather than lingering around and delaying the decision, right or wrong does not matter as time always deserves respect. Be it about leaving out the senior players, although I'm not impressed with this fully, be it about continuously giving chances to the ones he believed in, be it about managing the media and their annoying questions at times, Dhoni always had his own ways of doing things. Its not entirely correct that things have worked for him. Getting the things work for oneself is a skill in itself. Not everyone can understand it, and not anyone can just do it. I truly appreciate him for being so special always and for proving that to win as big as a world cup you need not eat up your nails. You need not bang your heads and tails. You just need to be as calm as possible and you just have to be thoughtful even if everything around you is going worst like hell. You just have to be yourself, in win and in loss.

Thank you MSD! Thanks for being a real time example of a lot many simple yet factual things of life.

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