Jun 28, 2015

Over this weekend, a couple of conspiracies!

Over this weekend, I've done a bit of study on couple of conspiracy theories, the proofs of which have been strongly put up both by the believers and skeptics. One is about the space travel and the other one is about the terrorist attacks. In one case the NASA says that its astronauts did land on moon as part of the Apollo missions, whereas the skeptics say that no human ever landed on moon. In the other case, the 9/11 terror attacks on USA are said or claimed to be by the Bin Laden's team, where as the other section of the people say that the attacks on the world trade center in 2001 were scripted by the US military forces to take on Afghanistan and Talibans. 

I've my take on each of these historic incidents. I'd like to share the same with you all. 

"That's one small step for man, a giant leap for mankind" are the first words said by a human live from Moon. Neil Armstrong was the man who said these words and along with that scripted the history. Apollo-11 was the mission that first took humans into the space to step onto the Moon. Not sure how much is true off the said and shown about the landings on Moon by NASA . From what I could get to know after reading and seeing through the data available on internet, I vote it as fifty-fifty for the whole episode. It's been almost half a century that the first landing on mood happened and still we are yet to figure out how to set up camps up there on the moon. Isn't that strange in today's so called rapidly evolving world's technology? Why haven't there been any other lunar landings in the later years and until now. What was possible in 1969 could not have been made possible once again for all these years! With the technology advancements as happened as on date, the repetition of the lunar landing of humans on moon shall not be a problem, if at all the landings telecast was live from Moon. Amidst of the huge uproar, NASA must repeat its historic feat, I think. If all that was staged then its not a significant problem, and if they actually stepped onto the moon, then there is no problem at all. But if that was all faked then let's hope that the monstrous lie was with some good intention. I know I cannot be this positive but the highly competitive world that we live in today makes me helpless often to be positive, otherwise the competition ends for you! 

The highly remembered terrorist attacks ever in the world are from the incidents happened on September 11th in the world trade center twin buildings. Somehow, this one does not need  a vote. I somewhere believe that this does not qualify as a conspiracy, if I may say so. it's evident enough that attacks actually happened as planned and executed by the team of terrorists. There are many a video tapes available claiming that there was no involvement of planes at all in the whole incident. I don't believe this. Some argue that there were prefixed explosives in the buildings and the demolition was a controlled one. For those who managed to get hold of the planes, isn't manageable to put the explosives there in the twin towers! I don't know! But to be frank, this convinces me that the whole episode was unexpected and well planed by the terrorists. 

That's how this weekend has been! Yet another Monday is going to start tomorrow. 'Monday blues' shall be the next conspiracy about which the research shall start and stop at the same point in time! Or may be not!

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