Jun 20, 2015

Rule is rule, rule for all including the pedestrians!

It was a week back, when I took off from work for half a day, that I came across this incident in one of a prominent road junctions in Pune. It's usually a busy four road junction and was nothing different even that day. 

I was walking from one of the four sides of the cross roads and  I saw the vehicles stopped ahead of me and behind the STOP line as the red signal was on. I could not cross the road immediately. I kept waiting for a few seconds. That's when I saw a white colored car being driven by a man in his late forties crossing the road in full speed by breaching the traffic signal. Two police men were present at the place and one of them came in front of the white car and signaled the driver to take it aside. Meanwhile, the driver of that car was busy in setting up his seat belt. Finally he stopped the car a side. I started crossing the road as there was a green signal for the people to walk across the zebra crossing. I turned over my shoulder and looked at the police man and the car. The police men was busy in filling the challan and the car owner was busy in hiding the high value currency notes in his vollet. 

That's exactly when I also happened to notice two women, in their late twenties probably, crossing the road even though there was no green signal showing up for them to cross the road. There were all two and four wheelers running around them across the road. These two women were noticeably careless on their way to the other side of the road. I crossed the road and waited under the over bridge to check if these ladies would also be stopped by the police men who had earlier stopped the car. But they did not bother to stop these two ladies and carried on looking at only the motorists. 

But then I thought, if the driver of the car was stopped and fined for driving against the traffic rules, why weren't the two ladies stopped by the police who were crossing the road against the same traffic rules! Even the people who walk across the four road junctions without following the rules shall be fined too. They deserve the punishment as equally as that of the motorists who do that, knowingly or unknowingly. The confusion that such people create is inexplainable as for that short moment, anything can happen actually in panic. Its not that only when you drive the bike or a car that you have to be aware of the traffic rules. Even when you walk you must know them. After all, you are using the public property which belongs to you and to the millions of other people. The pedestrians are equally responsible for the accidents especially when the incidents happen in the middle of the road. 

I'm not sure if fining the pedestrians is there in the traffic rule book or not. But I strongly believe that it must be included, if not there. And of there already, then better traffic police look at the walkers too and not just the motorists. 

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