Jun 21, 2015

That's the monsoon'2015!

This time the monsoon is on time in many of the parts of the country, especially in the southern potion. Whereas it has been a very casual one in Pune, Mumbai has once again been flooded with the whopping rain in the past few days. I heard few of the colleagues commenting that they might have to swim through Mumbai to reach the airport! Saw a few pictures taken in multiple area of Mumbai, including the railway stations resembling the boat jettys as can be seen in Kerala. It looked as if the people who were waiting on the platforms were waiting for the rescue boats! Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are as well the victims of the heavy rains so far. As its the beginning of the season, there is no considerable loss seen. However, the down areas are about to be vacated due to the flood coming from the upper regions of the rivers Krishna and Godavari.  

In Pune, it's not yet been satisfying fully. A couple of times it rained with storm but that's all. Otherwise, it's a regular one. I carry umbrella to office and barely used it! Everyday there are clouds, too black to think that bringing umbrella is one of the good deeds of the day done by me. But, at the end, there is no rain. Once a rainbow was seen, this too at the beginning of June. I tried to capture it in my mobile's camera but I miserably failed on many of my attempts, because of the dirty window of the MetroZip. At last, I could capture the below! 

Amidst the drizzling and the soothing airs, I could capture the third day moon. Moon looks beautiful whenever you click it, be it the first day or the full moon day! It looks just perfect and fantastic. It will be very difficult henceforth to click the moon for another couple of months at least. There will be clouds all over and you can only click the darkness yet awesomeness. 

As I write this, it's raining heavily. Or no, it's down-poring! Welcome rain!

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