Jun 16, 2015

Water problem @Pune

For all the popularity of the holiday destination in and around Pune especially in the rainy season, and also for the gigantic industrial properties around, it becomes tough to believe that Pune faces water problem. Personally, the water problem was never experienced by me so hard earlier. But in the last couple of years, this problem has increased so much that I wake up in the morning, especially in summer, to fill all the tubs and buckets with water. Because, after couple of hours there will be no water through taps until the late night or may be the next day morning. If I sleep late in the night, waking up early on the next morning becomes either a gone case or to fill the buckets with the last remaining water in the taps. Believe me, its very hectic. 

When I checked about this with my friends, few of them said the same but most of them said that they did not face such a huge problem. The main reason was that they all had bore in their apartment. Also, some of them said that they had the second connection for the corporation water pump. Well, things are being discussed even in our apartments, but its taking longer time than expected. Few of them do not want the corporation water to merge with the bore water. May be for the understandable reasons. And to keep them separate, the extra tanks to be built. This is probably a financial problem of some. Again, understandable. A solution to this shall come out soon. 

Generally, if the rains are sufficient enough in a year, the corporation water is re;eased twice a day. But since the rains were not sufficient enough to fill the reservoirs last year, this year had been deadliest in terms of the water scarcity. This time the rains are on time. It feels annoying to see the incessant rains outside and no water in side the home. I just hope, there will be a natural solution to this problem, i.e. by heavy rains. And that's the best solution compared to the one mentioned above. Rain water harvesting is actively being pursued in all the major constructions in and around Pune. This shall also work positively. However, the number of older apartments is also equally high in our locality that harvesting cannot be a great solution for all families. Hope this problem settles soon. 

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