Jul 11, 2015

#Bahubali - The Beginning

Director: S.S.Rajamouli

Change happens not because of what's heard and said, but because of what's done! Congratulations to SS Rajamouli​ for taking the unprecedented step of making this movie and initiating the change in the Indian Cinema! After watching a few magnum opus movies earlier, I had every joy in my experience but a factor kept missing over all these years. While returning home after watching Bahubali, I had that factor in abundance. That's the 'Pride'. The pride of having the language of the movie's original script as my mother-tongue. The pride of belonging to the region where the movie is originally made. 

I remember discussing with my mom couple days back that at times the movies with huge expectations flatter at the box office. But then I said, there were many a movies which came with whopping expectations and still could collect not just the box office records but also reached the hearts of the audience and that this movie could be one of such. Bahubali did not disappoint. It's a feast in itself. It always had the potential and now it's proved. Bahubali is already into the list of my all time favorite movies. 

'Sivagami' is the character I'm still in love with. That's magnificently portrayed. My favorite dialogue - "Vanda mandini champithe veerudantaaru. Okkadini bathikinchina devudantaaru". To keep it short, rest all characters have made justification to the plot. 'Avantika' could have been played by someone else in the warrior role. But, that's fine, she did her best. What I also liked about the movie is, they did not go haywire in search of the costumes for the characters, take a bow Rama Rajamouli and team. 

All in all, this is a MUST WATCH! Remember to keep logics aside to enjoy this movie to the fullest. Congratulations once again to the entire cast and crew of #Bahubali. Awaiting "The Conclusion"!!! Also awaiting the Prabhas-Anushkha on-screen chemistry. 

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