Jul 30, 2015

Be a good listener!

From a person's listening style, a lot things about him can be understood. 

On the first front, it shows the interest the person has in the topic on going. Gossiping interests many and that's the one thing doing which highest level of concentration is often observed. Does not matter how long the topic continues. Concentration does not vanish. That means, its not that a person's concentration or listening skill is weak; it's just that he is not interested in the topic on going at that moment. After all, interest can enable anyone to concentrate willingly.

Next, the way a person listens or rather follows the on going discussion shows how much he is interested in the speaker. It's basically the belief on the speakers that often makes him listen to what's that they are saying or trying to convey. It does not mean that he cannot be interested in anyone; he is interested in himself and that's why when he speaks, he is fully into it. So, he can be interested in someone. But at the moment, he is just not interested in the speakers. 

Also, it lets you know if he has any necessity with either the topic or the speaker. If not, then that's it. But if yes, then the listening skill of him appear to be on its peak. This is highly subject, but to a greater extent this could be very true in many respects. If the speaker can do good or bad to him, in his own perception, he listens to what's being said. But if not, then does not matter whatever is being said, for him the world is somewhere else at that moment. 

From the way a person listens to someone or something, it shows his respect towards the speaker. Now this need not be entirely his mistake. It's up to him whom he respects and whom he does not. However, understanding the level of respect the speaker could manage to build helps in improvising on many a things. All in all, it's evident that he has no respect or lack of respect on the speaker. It does not mean he cannot respect anyone, he may respect many but not the speaker at the given point of time. 

If you are the speaker, try to understand the above and see what can be done. Try to do your best to clear the gaps. And if you are the listener, just remember one thing that one has to be a good listener to be a good manager or a leader. In life, striving to be a manager or a leader is important. Along with that trying to be good in being so is even more important. To be so, one must be interested in wide varieties of topics and various kinds of people. Develop that, it's in your hands. Realize that being a social animal like many, you too have a lot necessities, if not now later on, and you must respect people for whatever they are up to. 

Being united and getting collective in facing the odds have always taken the human race to its next level. Be a part of the race of your generation by being a contributor. And for that, you must listen, listen and listen what's being said. And of course, one must put forward his own points without fear and hesitation but to do that efficiently, one must be a good listener on the first front. Do everything possible to improve your listening skill. It's worthy enough. 

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