Jul 9, 2015

Post 1200: #WaitingForBahubali

It's a mere coincidence that I'm writing the 1200th post at my blog on the said-to-be epic movie of the Indian cinema, "Bahubali", the biggest motion picture of India, which is set to be released  tomorrow in theaters across the country and globe. Also, this is the first time ever I've written a post on a movie before its release and of course, before watching it. Understandably, this is not going to be a review post, rather it's about the way the movie has reached a lot of audience well before its release. 

For the first time ever, I see the Telugu industry is talking in oneness about a movie, that too a high profile one. Every time someone spoke about this movie, it's all good and only good. Not just the Telugu movie artists but also many artists from other languages including Bollywood have so far said a lot about this movie. Rajamouli and his team have done the PR job perfectly, just perfectly! That qualifies for a management case study. Also, for the first time ever, more than the artists, the characterization of the respective artists in this movie have  gone into the crowd. That way Rajamouli has set a benchmark. Inspite of the high profile artists that this movie has, the characterizations of them going into the crowd in not an easy thing to happen. The crew must be appreciated for the idea. It's not easy either to manage the various people involved as the project has been a longer one than usual. Only if they all believed that what they were doing was more than just normal, all that had been happening could happen. What they say, putting everything into something, is nothing but this.

When any movie comes from a director who has not seen a single flop in his career, the expectations are already huge. And in the case of "Bahubali", the expectations are beyond anyone's imagination, and definitely more than usual for a local language movie release, in India. This also one movie that has, so far, successfully crossed the political hurdles amidst the state division row. This team would never have expected that they will have to release their movie in two Telugu states! They would not have imagined that they will have to donate the collections to the new capital of one of the states, "Amaravati". And that's a good decision, although I'm not sure if politically that's a correct step to take just before the release of the movie. 

The only remark I've on the movie is the price of the ticket that's trending since last two days. It's heard that around 1000 or 2000 rupees is the ticket and still the que at the counters is never ending. This is a bit surprising but yes, may be that's just normal for may movie fans as they come across this a lot of times. I can't say who is at fault for the black market, those who sell or those who buy!Apart from that, this movie is set to break many records, hopefully. 

My best wishes to the cast and crew of this movie. Hope this will be a big hit Indian cinema has ever seen, so far! 

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