Jul 12, 2015

That's "Martina Hingis"...!

It was back in 1998. I was preparing for a quiz competition in our school. It was a district level competition being arranged by our school management. My mother was the quiz master. Knowing the depth of her preparation of her questions, I was reading through the general knowledge book from front to back again and again. That was when I first saw the photo of a girl holding a gorgeous trophy with both of her hands. After reading the description, I learnt that it was the Australian Open winner's trophy in women's singles and the lady with it was "Martina Hingis". I loved the trophy, I was crazy about it rather. She was the champion player of that time, and had already won Australian open earlier too if I remember it correctly. As I further dug through the current affairs section, I came to know that she wa
s the world number one Tennis player in women's singles at that time.

Now it was sports round going on during the quiz competition. The quiz master, my mom, asked the question. "Who is the top ranked player in women's tennis?". When our team;'s turn came, I stood up and answered "Martina Hingis". I did not even bother to discuss with my team mates, although both of them were seniors to me. The confidence and clarity I had at that moment were unbelievable and amazing. I still remember them. It was a right answer and we got the point. 

Having always been a sports lover, naturally all this episode got imprinted in my mind, to such an extent that it keeps coming to me every now and then, and especially when I see or read about Hingis. I never used to watch Tennis at that time although I used to follow sports news very regularly. By the time I developed interest and could make time for watching the game, Hingis was no more playing. At some point, she did a comeback but some drugs related incident kept her away from the game. But ever since she returned to the game once again, and especially since she started partnering India's Sania Mirza,  I was eager to watch her lifting yet another Grand Slam of her career. Finally, it was yesterday that I saw her along with Mirza with the Wimbledon women's doubles winners'trophy. I was undoubtedly happy for Sania Mirza, but I was doubly happy to see my childhood craze standing there next to her with the beautiful trophy. 

Now that's called dreams coming true, sometimes by winning ourselves and sometimes by witnessing someone winning it. That's a fantastic performance by both these ladies in the final, a tough fought one. Very well done, a well earned title it was. 

Wishing both of them a long association.  May they play together for many more years and may they  win a "Career Slam"soon. Specially, Congratulations to Sania Mirza. For winning it, and for doing it against many odds over a period of time. Her journey is exemplary. Hats off!

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KParthasarathi said...

She partnered Leaner Paes in winning the mixed doubles final too.Martina Hingis is my favourite too