Jul 2, 2015

The Survival Instinct!

There are rules written  about how to live life but no rule is ever written about how to survive. When the human civilization was in its initial stages, everyone thrived for their own survival. It was not about living or leading life for them at that point of time, it was just about staying alive on the first front! It was all about being there, not there for. That's what they call as 'The survival instinct'. Over the period of time, the same survival instinct made many of human beings to capture as much as they could so that it would be tougher for anyone else to destroy them. Further to that, there developed all kinds of wishes to dominate, to command, to expand, to rule and at times to just dictate. Parallel to all this, there developed all kinds of emotions like liking, loving, caring, protecting, destructing, child-rearing, social bonding, and even sacrificing. All that happened lead to the human evolution slowly at some points of time and rapidly at some other points of time. 

What I feel is, now the ongoing generation of human life on earth is in the phase of evolving too rapidly, may be faster than ever. We do a wide variety of things, all at a time, and we keep doing multiplexing again and again even after failing to succeeded many a times. We do believe in all kinds of emotions, although we often forget to respect some of them. But that's just life, may be that's how life has evolved for all these centuries. 

One thing, as I understand it, has never changed all this long. That's 'The survival instinct'. Still there are no rules written or being followed when it comes to survival. Rather, there are self created and self accepted rules that let everyone of us do things the way we do in the times of need to survive. One must follow his instincts, his believes and strength, to survive, to just be there, to just belong, like the way our ancestors did at the beginning of the human civilization. We just have to survive when we have to survive and we have been doing it all this long. Nothing has really changed. May be, the way we survive today is different from that of what was followed earlier. The ground reality, the basic wish, the need, the possibilities, the 'unknown', all that is the same. 

Be it your personal life or professional, be it your home or the organization the you work for, when you have to survive, you have to survive. You  have to follow your own ways, unless they destroy someone else's survival altogether. You are on your own and no one can really pull you out when you do not do it on your own first. And all this is not very much different from what we do day to day. We already do many a things to survive. We just need to realize the facts, be conscious about what we do so that we can differentiate what must be done and what must not be. Because, survival is important but not at the cost of losing out on the 'humanity' which is better than anything else.