Aug 31, 2015

Wear Seat belt... Pic of the day #16

Car has almost become a necessity these days. Even though the public transportation is good enough, having a car ourselves gives us a lot of flexibility in terms of planning the travel or fulfilling an unplanned travel. While having a car and knowing the driving is a necessity,  wearing seat belt is compulsory. Although there is a warning on the display device, still many a people ignore it as if it's for nothing. Doing so in not just bad but can be proven dangerous for you and your co-passengers. It's made mandatory these days and at most of the times the drivers, especially the tempo, bus or truck drivers, wear it only when they see a traffic police in a distance. To get rid of the seat belt indication, they keep the belt buckled and sit over it! They are actually sitting over a 'danger' even though they feel like they have got rid of the red symbol for that moment. 

Usually children prefer to place themselves in the front seat on the co-passenger side. Firstly, children must be avoided seating there. And if they cannot be avoided from seating there, they must be seated along with at least an adult. If that's also not possible, as I understand from many of my friends who have kids, there are child seats available for infants and younger kids. It must be made available. Kids of four to ten years must be wearing seat belts even though they don't like it. It's about safety and parents must take care. Parents themselves must wear it at all the times in front of their kids in the car. 

Seat belt is a great invention. Let's utilize it fully. Its about safety and after all, what else matters while driving or for that matter living? Drive safe and be safe. 

When you realise... Take Home #451

When you realise that what you're is what made by many people, situations and your brought up, you will easily understand that same is the case for every other person and you will easily appreciate or forgive everyone. 

Be thirsty... Take Home #450

Having the thirst to deliver and having the capability to deliver are two different aspects. Those who have thirst or both thirst and capability often get succeeded in delivering the expected. But those with only capability and no thirst often get failed. Not having the capability is a limitation but not having the thirst is a limitation and as well as a mistake. 

Be thirsty to deliver. Rest all fall in place including the time. 

Aug 30, 2015

Inequality is bad but the modern age "Feminism" is rapidly getting dangerous

Disclaimer: The below are my personal views and not against anyone in person or against any organization's ideology. Any offence felt is apologized sincerely. 

Feminism was one of the most important social movements of the nineteenth century. While achieving equal rights for women with that of men was its goal, giving women the necessary freedom and self-confidence was the byproduct. Initially started in the western countries and it slowly influenced the other regions of the world rapidly. A few generations suffered before the feminist movement, a couple of them suffered during the movement, and this generation of women are definitely enjoying the fruits, if not everyone but certainly a few of them. Women are now into every field, from agriculture to aerospace, from manufacturing to marketing, from administration to the army, you name any field, women have their place and opportunity. 

So, all set then? Do we still need feminism? Although the opportunities are there everywhere, there is still no acceptance in all social groups, in all regions across the world, to allow women to pursue their interests and hence to grab their opportunities. To increase the awareness that gender equality is the way forward for a better society and future, we need the activists who go around and put forward their points. We indeed need the volunteers or associations that can work round the clock around the world to free up the suffocating rules written for women in certain regions. It will take time but it has to change at some or the other point of time. But if Feminism is the only way is the question. 

If it was the original Feminist movements that started all this, then probably I would have said 'yes'. But now, my answer is 'No', because the so called 'Feminism' that we are experiencing today is not the intended "Feminism". This one is something else, and this is my understanding though. The modern age Feminism is becoming so dangerous day by day that it fears me at times if there will have to start a 'Menism' at certain point of time in future, although this exist today yet unpopular. Everything shall stop some where so as Feminism! When the feminism shall stop? Only after a long and a generation full of fight between Feminism and Menism? That will be the worst time to live for our next generation, only if that happens so and I hope it won't ever. 

The understanding of many people, who call themselves as Feminists, is actually a lot deviated from that of the originally intended feminist views. There was no hatred towards men, firstly, when it all started. They respected the way the society was and on top of that they wanted certain opportunities for themselves, for all women. The modern age Feminism appears to be propagating the hatred toward men and even more fearful is that they believe what they are doing is right without leaving room for any introspection. This hatred towards men is raising so swiftly that we see a lot of effects of modern 'Feminism' in our day to day lives. Many understand that suing a man is Feminism. Many do understand that a man cannot be superior to a woman, in any aspect, and that its the goal of Feminism. Many question that why a woman shall do this and not a man, and that's Feminism for them! 

Whether its a man or woman, before being so, he or she is a human, who fully deserves every possible liberation. But depending upon the social and regional cultures which have been getting followed, everyone is put on with some restrictions. Inspite of knowing the restrictions, if anyone is breaching the rules, it's punishable offence, be it a man or a woman. Its just not that a man is guilty for an acid attack on a woman, a woman attacking a man is also equally guilty as both man and woman possess equal rights to live and none can attack the other. The feminist movement can try to enlighten the restrictions that are put on women, but its also important to question and hence change the restrictions put on a man if they are senseless! The restrictions against a man need not wait until the restrictions put on women are taken off. The problematic rules for men need not hang on until all the problematic rules against women are ruled out! Let's be human first! 

Let's be human first. Be it for a man or woman, a liberated life is well deserved. Whatever that prevents them from having their own lives needs to be addressed. Man or woman, the guilty must be punished. There is no need to make pity faces for a woman who cries against a man without listening to the story from two sides. All of us are very good in misinterpreting, man or woman its the same. All of us are good in exaggerating, all of us are good in taking things personally. So, let's not jump at the conclusions without knowing the entire context. Not necessarily every time a woman is correct. Not necessarily a man is guilty all the time in the argument between a man and a woman.  Everyone can be right or at least have a probability to be right! We must get the facts at hand and no need to play the judge. We need not react, we can respond after knowing it fully and thoroughly. And, we all might not have to respond at all, may be! 

Inequality is bad. But the modern age 'Feminism' is rapidly getting dangerous .  Better be human and play human. Equal rights to every human being must be assured, does not matter man or woman. Benefit of doubt is well deserved by everyone, be it a man or a woman, in a given situation. 

Let's be human, think human and act human. Gender comes next and shall come next. 

Better touch... Take Home #449

When you realize that your touch is getting better and better with time, know that you are on right path and be inspired by the fact that you are heading towards perfection. Keep up the good work. 

PS: I just gone through all my earlier posts and realized that my writing had been getting better and better with time. Also, I'm proud of myself that I've maintained my blog over all these years irrespective of what's been happening in my personal and professional life. I'll try to keep this up. Thanks to all readers and friends for being with me. 

Not a big deal... Take Home #448

Nothing is a big deal when you are determined enough. There might be certain failures, but your attempt shall be sufficient enough to satisfy yourself although it might not be sufficient enough to complete the task at times. Because, anything can be started by one but not everything can be completed by one! 

Aug 27, 2015

Comeback... Take Home #447

Success gets applauds around you. Defeat gets pats on your back. Applaud can come unconsciously as anyone can congratulate. But pat comes only consciously, as not everyone can understand you and believe. Remember those who pat on your back in defeat. All that you can return them is your 'comeback'. 

Half hearted involvement... Take Home #446

Half hearted involvement neither fetches you anything nor takes you to success. Whatever and however is the game, get involved fully to the core not just to fetch success but also to gain experience. And to get involved in any game, it's important to know it's rules. At the same time, it's equally important to know the risks of breaking any rules. 

Aug 26, 2015


Intentions, good or bad, are  not always understood as they are. 

Be aware that you may be good in your intention but the way you communicate and the time when you communicate are going to play the major role in making the other person understand you. If you are not understood properly, you definitely are responsible too! Of course it has to be highlighted and sorted out with the other person by discussing but before that, work upon your own action plan about what you must improve.

PS: This worked for me! Thought of sharing it here. 

The transition phase... Take Home #445

While a process is in a transition phase, everyone involved must be patient as much as possible. Everyone setting up the process must understand and show the urgency and shall keep communicating the updates to everyone involved or impacted. There can be an emotional outbreak at times due to the unequal patience levels of people, but the same must as well be understood and resolved in a relatively calm manner rather than by hook and crook. 

Aug 25, 2015

Path breaking... Take Home #444

One cannot always be path-breaking or path-making. Understanding and following the path that's already made is necessary to be on the par. And while doing that, one must look to add value which shall result eventually into path breaking making scenarios. 

Aug 24, 2015

Clarify it... Take Home #443

Own up the responsibility of clarifying it to everyone that you cannot be taken for granted. This shall be made clear to others by  doing the necessary rather than just saying it. There is no particular way in which one can clarify it to others. It varies on case to case basis. You are the right judge! 

Farewell "Sanga" and "Clarke"...!

When a champion player is playing his retiring match, win and loss become redundant. Ending on a winning note matters but not to a greater extent, I feel. The life time memories he accumulates by playing the game over a long period of time overshadows the bitter memories, if any, of his last match if his team or he loses it. The disappointment is obviously there but it cannot impact either the player or the game much! A champion is a champion irrespective of winning or losing! 

Two of the great players of the game 'cricket' retired during the week. One on a winning note and the other on losing. While its the solid Australian player 'Michael Clarke' who ended it on a winning note in the last test of the famous Ashes series which Australian lost to England, its the Srilankan great 'Kumar Sangakkara' who ended it on a losing note in his last test for his country. Indian team has done an exceptionally good job in the match though, congratulation to the team. 

Both the players have made contribution to the game of cricket by representing their respective countries on the world stage. While Clarke had a short career comparatively, Sangakkara had a relatively longer one and needless to say that his is the name comes to our mind when we start thinking about the players who have made their clear mark on the game. Sangakkara-Jayawardane was my favorite pair for quite some time. Said to be friends and team mates played for each other and for the country in many a matches. Losing both these players in a short span of time will impact the Srilankan cricket for sure, provided the youngsters live upto the situation. 

What Clarke could achieve and Sanga did not or could not is to be in the one day internal world cup winning squad. Its a team game but not being able to achieve the world cup might disappoint Sanga! Clarke lead the young Australian team to win the world cup in 2015 in front of the home crowd. After Pointing, doing this was not easy and unexpected too! But his team raised upto the situation and won the ultimate trophy of cricket. Anyway, this cannot be any reason to differentiate or compare these two players. Both of them are greats in their own ways! 

Giving farewell is not easy but needs to be given at the right occasion. Both these players, I think, have taken right decision at right time. Farewell Sanga and Clarke. Congratulations to you on your wonderful cricketing careers. Hoping to see you guys in the IPL! 

Coconut water... Pic of the day #15

A childhood memory comes to my mind every time I think of coconut. I was in my tenth standard then and was preparing for the board examinations. The exams were held in summer, that was during the second half of March month. The temperatures in my hometown were so high then that we used to get exhausted so quickly. The board exams were held for a duration of two weeks. During that time, my grand ma gave me a glass of coconut water every day. As like many other kids, I never liked the taste of coconut water. Just to satisfy my grand ma and parents, I started to drink them in a span of few seconds by closing down as many senses as possible for those seconds. That was the first time ever I'd consumed so much of coconut flavor. 

As the days progressed and as the taste of coconut started sinking in me, I started liking them slowly. Immediately after my tenth class, I was put into hostel. There coconut water was not available much and it took me almost six years to again experience the taste of coconut water on back to back days for few days. That was when I was in Delhi for my post graduation. The heat in Delhi was so killing that I had to take some coconut water everyday to get rid of the heating effect! There also, we used to walk all along to reach to a coconut shop. But once I realized the advantages of coconut water, I started taking them with interest. Now, coconut water is one of my favorite drinks. Although, drinking the coconut water appears to me as if I'm in some health trouble, still I manage to have them every now and then. That reduces the body heat! 

The cost of a coconut, as I remember it from my childhood days, used to be 5 rupees. Later for some years it stayed at 10 rupees. Then it became fifteen rupees. For the first time ever I paid 20 rupees for a coconut was when I first came to Pune. 20 rupees appeared very high. Over a short period of time, the price jumped to a whopping 30 rupees. Well, it's been since quite sometime now that the price of a coconut is 30 rupees. Hoping to see it standing there for a few more years! 

The tiny little world of everyone!

Everyone in this gigantic world constructs one's own tiny world around oneself. It can be about the work one does, the people one meets or values, or the intentions and ideas one possesses.  That tiny world appears as if its everything to an individual! A success in that tiny world satisfies as if the whole world is conquered. A joy of that little world gives immense pleasure that the rest of the world appears tiny. A sorrow of that tiny world disappoints as if the whole world is struct against. A failure in that world can depress to an extent that the whole world appears to be working against. This is the fact at the end of the day and is applicable for almost everyone, though exceptions can be there as always.

Having created our own world, we must also respect the path of others. We must give enough space for others to live their life the way they want to. Does not matter what's the relation between two, each one deserves the independence. Each one deserves their own time, although time must be spent together. It's all personal. Life is personal. One's own interests, one's own thoughts, one's own emotions plat major role and no one has any right to play with them or obstruct them. As much as one can, everyone shall try to let the others live the way they want. Everyone has a right to suggest, comment, appreciate and criticize. But no one has a right to command! While demanding someone to do something, it might appear that what we are doing is very right for that person, for many other people but ultimately what we think is what we believe in. There can be completely different perspective that can help the other persons in a far better way!

So, better we let live. Better the tiny little world of everyone is respected although not understood. Better people are allowed the way they deserve to live their own lives. After all, chance is only one for everyone to live! 

Aug 23, 2015

Rajdhani Thaali... Pic of the day #14

There is this 'Amanora town centre' in Hadapsar, Pune. We had been there today in the afternoon. We mainly went there to have something for lunch as we went to Hadapsar on some personal work. Although the colourful stalls and big hoardings about discounts tried to distract me, I still walked around to find a good food stall. We saw the hotel "Rajdhani". It said unlimited Thaali for 299/-. We entered and were seated in a corner table for two. 

There were two big elliptical steel plates on the table, in which few small bowls were kept. We thought they might come and fill those bowls with all items. The waiter came with a welcome drink, and it was 'Sweet Lussy'. It tasted good! And then, the items started coming in. A few varieties of food items were served in a span of just five minutes. The waiters said the name of every item before serving, this was good! I liked the small Bhaakris and the smallest paranthas I'd even seen. 

After a few rounds of serving, our stomachs came to a stage where we jokingly said to each other that if the waiter came again to ask if we required something, we would say that we needed some time to compete the items that had been already served. May be, for the waiters the expressions like ours were normal. Really, after eating all that and all those varieties, we were full till our throats literally. Still, those waiters continued to come and asked if we needed anything more, all in smiles. Their smiles appeared more kidding and less sarcastic. That's the hotel manners, may be. We quietly refused to have anything more! We ate almost twenty varieties in unlimited fashion as part of the Thaali which included a fabulously tasting Butter Milk.

We came out of the restaurant of course after paying! As I write this, I realise that we did not put the tip amount! Well, next time for sure we will remember and do the needful. Above is the picture of the hotel advertisement in which the Thaali is shown. 

Giving the best... Take Home #442

Whatever may the situation is, whatever may the competetion is, whatever may the significance of the result is, giving hundred percent is a wise thing to opt for. You never know what might come your way! Try to give your best at all the times. Nevertheless, giving one's best at all the times is more an attitude and less a choice! 

The EAMCET exam day as I remember!

This day reminds me of the day I wrote the EAMCET examination. It was after the second year of intermediate that we had to give that exam to get an entrance into the engineering colleges in Andhra Pradesh. 

Those two years of my intermediate are the toughest years of my life so far! I stayed in hostel in a corporate college in Vijayawada. It was for the first time that I stayed away from home and that too in hostel. Hostel life is a different topic which I will mention in a separate post. The preparation for the intermediate board exam and the EAMCET exam used to go on back to back, first intermediate syllabus and then the other one's. Classes used to start at 6 am in the morning. With a glass of milk we used to enter the class room early in the morning. At times, when there was time I along with some friends used to stare at the greenery around before entering the class, as we had been told by someone that looking at greenery in the morning would reduce the drowsiness. To complete the punishing syllabus we could not go to bed on time and avoiding the drowsiness was obvious! 

I must say that the early morning classes were the easy ones to concentrate. Lectures used to find it difficult at times as some of the students used to sleep a lot in between. May be, the greenery did not have it's impact on them! Sipping the milk from glass used to be my favourite thing apart from writing down the notes. After breakfast, the classes used to go on until the lunch hour unless there was some lecturer absent. Actually, even if the lecturer was absent, the mentor of the respective subject used to enter the class to answer or doubts if any! How the students of other sections used to treat them was known to me only through my roommates, as I personally always had been in section A, the toppers' one. In our section, the students never used to let the mentor paid for free! Every mentor used to be seen surrounded by students with doubts. I did not wonder about it then, but if I recollect it now, I truly feel it was a wonder indeed. 

During the lunch hour, we were allowed to go to our rooms, to do our own tasks for a duration of 2 hours which included the lunch. After the lunch break and until the snacks break in the evening, there used to be study hours. After the snacks break and until 11'o clock in the night the study hours would continue. Again, it did not appear ridiculous then, but now I feel so about it. No time for our personal interests at all, it feels good that I did not do blogging then! We were always told one thing for sure that those were the two years we had to study and just study and later on it would be easier! This did not appear funny then, rather it appeared true! Exams at the end of every week and sometimes after holidays ensured the college administration know whom to be concentrated upon more so that the college would secure top ranks in the state in various exams. 

With this routine for almost two years, we were made ready for the final exams. After the state board exams, the EAMCET was scheduled. It was in the mid summer, in the horrible month of May! Parents were informed that they should come and take their kids for the respective exam centres. College administration used to arrange busses for all centres during the board exams, but for the EAMCET, parents were to do that. Till date, I do not get any idea why! My parents came a day before. They met me in the campus and left. At that time the pressure was so high that I did not know how to express it! How to convey it! I still remember, my mom told me that I was appearing cool with no pressure. She said that I was so probably because we were made used to the pressure times with the whopping number of exams conducted every week continuously. For that moment I said yes, because I too thought it was so! The actual scene started on the next day morning, on the day of the exam. 

Parents started coming in the morning to take their children to the exam centres. My parents came too. We friends exchanged best wishes and started to the exam centres. Some friends still had books in their hands while wishing others. It was not an open book exam, so they had to leave the books before entering the exam hall. So, they took the books along with them to the centres. My centre was probably a school as I remember it now. We reached the centre well before the start time of the exam. I did not take any books with me. My parents being teachers themselves understood it, unlike the parents of some of my friends who insisted to carry books. The school was open first to all so that the exam room could be searched! We went inside and confirmed the room and came back. All the students entered the exam centre while the parents stayed outside, when the first bell rang. 

What happened inside the exam room was nothing different from that of what used to happen in the other mock tests we wrote. But the fact that it was the final exam did hit me. The fact that there would be no second chance did impact me psychologically. But all that was only until the time I involved myself in answering the questions and of course, in between for a short while every time. As usual, the time was short to answer the physics questions so went ahead by marking some 2's and some 3's just to finish it off. Fortunately, there was no negative marking and I don't think its implemented still. Exam was over and the overall idea I had was that I did not do well, and that the paper was relatively tough. I came out along with all other students. Met my parents outside, who had been waiting along with other parents. I nodded quickly indicating that the exam was not too bad and not good too! We took an auto to cone back to the college campus. In the auto I remember crying a bit outside and a lot inside. A feeling that I probably did not do well pinched me very hard! Anyway, I managed it. 

After reaching the hostel, many of the friends kept saying that the paper had appeared tough for them too and that they did not do well too. Amidst all this I remember a parent saying that we must simply say that the exam was OK and just should move on. Those words had a deep impact on me. From then onwards I started saying that it was OK and immediately I noticed the change in my emotions. I started feeling better. I went to pack my luggage, and my parents went to meet our principal to convey thanks for joining me with a huge concession, of course because of my good performance in SSC exam, but still thanking the college management was imporant since they joined me for almost free and took good care of me all throughout two years. Probably, my parents were the only ones to meet the principal on that last day of ours. I remember my dad saying later that our principal sir felt happy when my parents thanked him and conveyed best wishes. I felt good that my parents met him although I had no expectation of that sort. The only regret I have today about that incident is that I did not go along with my parents to meet principal sir. Anyway, that's fine. It's a learning rather. 

So,  that's my experience with the day I wrote EAMCET exam. Whatever and however it felt then, it still feels good to write about it. May be that's why they say that past is always good! 

Aug 22, 2015

Mental strength!

The more you are stronger mentally, the more the tasks that appear easy to you. Do not judge anyone's effort by the way they do things easily or effortlessly. While coming to a judgement about anyone's efforts, take their mental strength into consideration. 

Ignoring the metal toughness and judging people, only by the efforts that they put in or by the extra hours they spend, encourages everyone to show off and eventually make them fake in front of the person who judges them!

Mental strength includes the determination, fearlessness, strong belief and self-confidence etc aspects. Certain people develop them naturally over a period of time! Not having these is not anyone's mistake but a limitation. And not trying to improve upon these is a definite mistake, I think! 

Pass it on... Take Home #441

Pass on the appreciation duly to the deserved. It raises the motivation level and hence the team spirit as it acts as an assurance that deserved gets the deserved. 

Aug 21, 2015

Assistance... Pic of the day #13

Necessity is the mother of invention. Needless to say that it's very aptly said. Innovations come out of necessity basically. Although everyone needs everything, identifying the necessity cannot be done by everyone! Success of any business in the contemporary scenario is mainly dependent upon identifying the necessity and addressing it in quick time. Some of the innovations amaze us. They appear as if they are very small ideas but the way they serve the purposes deserves applauds. One of such is observed by me and few colleagues today at a hotel. 

The below image shows the buttons present on the stand kept on every table of the hotel. the buttons are self explanatory. With the use of this, we can call the waiter, ask for water, demand the bill or call for an assistance! Calling the waiter to me appeared similar to that of calling the air-hostess by pressing the service buttons on the head panel in flights. In a busy restaurant at peak times, getting the waited to our desk is very difficult as making eye contact with the waiter itself needs lot of time! Getting the bill generated is yet another big task. It appears as if the hotel staff have decided to let us wait for another meal! But if the bill button on the panel shown is pressed, the signal goes to the bill desk. Any unintended press of the buttons can be cancelled by pressing the 'cancel' button. 

I've seen this type of a device for the first time and was stunned at the first instance. Then I along with my colleagues explored it quickly! Couple of queries were clarified by the waiter! Logical minds keep questioning, whatever is the topic about and wherever is the place! 

Machine cannot insist a man work. Even in this case, the discipline and the load of the waiter plays a major role. We realized this towards the end of our mean as we proceeded to call the service and bill. Pressing the 'Service' and "Bill' for multiple times did not help, as the waiter was loaded with too many tables and there was crowd too! Better utilization of the said sophisticated device could have been done in a better way by appointing enough waiters per tables. But however, the acceptance of the idea of placing the said device on each table is appreciable! 

Only time can... Take Home #440

Only time can answer certain questions. Only time can heal certain wounds. Wait and just wait! But make sure that your way of waiting is not being understood as your helplessness! It's your responsibility to set the context right that you are waiting being hopeful and not being helpless. 

Aug 20, 2015

Genuine appreciation... Take Home #439

Receiving appreciation inspires. Giving appreciation satisfies. But both of these can be enjoyed to their fullest only when they are genuine. Be as genuine as you can while appreciating anyone. And be as attentive as possible to any appreciation so that you can identify the genuineness and hence enjoy! 

The landscape... Pic of the day #12

As I said in an earlier post, landscape photography is my interest. Since a few months, that has become my hobby too. Thanks to my Moto G! 

Our office is located near by hilly area. Its mostly surrounded by concrete buildings but on one side, there are hills as shown in the below picture. It's taken on a cloudy day. Landscapes interest me and when it's cloudy, I'm almost uncontrollable from taking photographs. Each click gives me immense happiness that I become childlike for a few moments. It feels a lot joyful from within!

I've been seeing the mountains in the picture for almost five years now. Every time I look at them, I feel like going to them. What they say as "The mountains are calling!". They really seem calling me. In fact, I've told my friends a number of times that I feel like going to the mountains right now. Don't know why, but. They inspire me every day morning when I look at them while standing on the terrace after breakfast. Since last five years, I've been looking at them in the mornings along with different colleagues and friends as many of my friends have resigned from out company. I used to look at the mountains with few of my close mates few years back. And today I look at them along with some other friends. But every time I stand alone and look at them, I realize how much I miss my close friends there. I feel like I look at my friends, every time I look at the mountains. Literally, this is what I feel! Again, don't know why! May be, certain things remain as the icons of sweet memories of our loved ones. I love these mountains and this landscape! 

Creativity... Take Home #438

Creativity is mainly governed by the imaginative power of a person and the belief he has on his intuitions. Knowledge helps in putting forward the creation in an acceptable manner. Education might or might not play any role; it depends upon the type of education one goes through. 

Aug 19, 2015

World Photography Day!

Pic Courtesy: Clicked by me at Kanyakumari 

I've always liked the landscape photography! My first tour to Kerala, the state in the southern India, took the interest I'd towards photography to the next level, for which I'll always be thankful to Kerala and it's greenery and mountain filled landscapes! I simply could not put off my camera while roaming around places across the state of Kerala. Marvelous was the experience which I will cherish forever. 

My interest towards photography has also recently made me start the photography blog posts here. I've just started them and looking forward for a few more and more! 

Also, looking forward to take as many beautiful  photographs as I can in future. 

Best wishes to all the photography lovers out there on this day of photography! 

Aug 18, 2015

The art of conveying!

Certain things cannot be mentioned. Yet, everything can be meant. It's not impossible to convey any feedback. One just needs to figure out the best possible way which leads to change as well as less offence.  And, if one has to prioritize between change and offence, change shall be prioritised if time is running out and offence shall be avoided if there is sufficient time left. So like many a things, the art of conveying is also like a "trade off" that demands loads of maturity and clarity of thought. Not everyone can master this. Not everyone can sustain this. It's easier said than done, indeed. Still, a lot worthwhile to practice. 

Beauty... Take Home #437

How beautifully you present yourself matters more than how beautiful you look. 

Right point and right time... Take Home #436

Waiting for the right time to put forward your point is as important as gathering the inputs to make right point in the first place. 

No one can confirm what is right point and which is right time. Believe and follow your instincts by being fully aware of two facts. One, instincts can be wrong. And two, instincts have the best chance to be right. 

Aug 17, 2015

Be open... Take Home #435

Be open to various perspectives of various people whom you meet in your every juncture of life and hence try to expand your way of accepting people as they are. Perspectives are limitless and so as the number of people you meet and the issues you have to resolve in a life time. Being open to as many as you can is wise enough, I think. 

Friendship survives the time!

Time changes many things.
Time changes many people.

Time changes many relations.
Time changes many conclusions.

But, true friendship wins the tie with time.
True friendship survives the time.

True friendship keeps the friends together,
If not at all the times, in the times of need.

If not physically together at all the times,
Emotionally there forever, for each other.  

Take time!

Take time before concluding and expressing your love to someone. Not because you cannot be sure in short period of time, but because you have to hang on with that person and to your word for a life time. Take enough time to prepare yourself to be committed for a life time to someone you love. 

Aug 16, 2015

Incredibly dependent Indians in the Independent India!

Happy Independence Day to all my fellow Indians, belated by the way. It is the day to remember the Independence struggle our ancestors went through to make India independent from the British rule. Salute to all those legendary freedom fighters who sacrificed their everything to see an Independent India. Their dream and aim of getting Independence was fulfilled in 1947 on August 15th. India has been independent since then for 68 years so far. As like their country, some of the Indians have been independent too. Yet, many of the Indians have been dependent too!

Human beings are social animals and no one can deny the fact that we all are dependent on each other socially. While the social needs cover most of part of what a human being needs to lead life and indeed it creates the dependency, there are a couple of aspects every human being must aspire to be independent in. One of the two is economical aspect and the other one is emotional aspect.

Economical dependency... 

Although the basic education for all the citizens is being seriously pursued, the number of women and students being employed or self-earning is very less.  Education gives the necessary outlook at various prospects. Employment gives the necessary economical freedom to be independent in doing something for themselves of for their families or for the society. The women and the youngsters who earn themselves have the extra chance to stretch their boundaries and hence to touch the lives of their dearies in a different way. 100% employment shall be tried, without any gender discrimination. Limit on age shall be put on, and I think it must be after only fifteen years that the kids are allowed to work.

Women who earn are seen often expressing their thoughts fairly and frankly, especially in family matters, than those who are homemakers and are dependent on their husbands income. For any family to win the race, it's important that every one of the family has the say. And the confidence required by each person of the family to speak out comes from various aspects, one of out them and according to me major out of them is the respective person's employment. It has its own impact, somewhere or the other, its not the only one to impact though. Women and students must be encouraged to go out and earn. That not only decreases the economic dependency, but also improves the family living standards and thought processes. Students being economically dependent makes them lose a lot of their ideas without fully pursuing them. It shall not just be the pocket money given by parents that they should have to spend upon whatever they wish, but they shall also earn on their own.

Emotional dependency...

Emotional dependency is a tricky one. This comes irrespective of who earns and who does not. It is just to do with one's psychological maturity. Maturity in terms of being independent in taking decisions, does not matter how big or small they are. Maturity in terms of going going out and getting the things done, again does not matter how big or small ones. It could be about visiting an electricity office, or going to a ration shop, or going for cloth shopping, or buying a home appliance. Being able to do it on one's own is an absolute bliss. That does not come from the air, it shall come from within. The willingness to do things alone shall come from within. Thinking that someone should accompany you all the time to do anything comes from within, from a fear factor that rules the mind. Break it through and define yourself in a better way. This is especially applicable for women.

Men like to do many a things on their own, by nature they are so I feel. Exceptions can be there, I can't deny. Kids would love to be on their on number of occasions, though necessary guidance must be ensured by parents. Women, not all though, show the dependency a number of times on their husbands, on their kids, on their neighbors, to do smaller to smaller things. Exceptions are here too! This makes one emotionally weak and reduces the freedom to half. Kids must also be left on their own whenever there is a chance and less risk to do so. That makes sure the kids make it as a hobby to think independently, to do things independently, to decide independently. Do not ever feel that your kid or wife is being obedient to you because they take your permission before doing anything. That's not being obedient. That's actually being dependent. This does not mean that one must not inform family before doing anything. It only means that one must differentiate what must be informed and what need not be. Its about realizing that one can do it right on his or her own.

Improving the economical independence helps in living on one's own. Whereas, improving the emotional dependency helps in being one's own. Economical independence brings the respect and emotional independence brings the love. Economical independence aids in taking decisions confidently, whereas emotional independence aids in coping up with all situations, especially the tougher ones. Economical independence rises the living standards and emotional independence rises the goals one sets for himself or herself. Both are important in their own ways, although not all could be explained here. Working upon both is important for a person as an individual or for a family as a team facing the society.

Hoping to see more independent Indians in the independent India. 

Aug 15, 2015

Why 'Khel Ratna' for Sania Mirza is not like 'yet another award given'?

Two things have always ensured to surround her, sometimes one at a time and at times both together. One out of them is 'controversies' and the other is 'injuries'. Both of them are the worst nightmares of any player, for that matter any person. Handling controversies made her further stubborn. Injuries made her tough. The way she converted every difficulty into an opportunity and advantage, the way she fought back to the top spot in the women's doubles tennis rankings, the way she recently won the prestigious titles of her career make me say it confidently that the "Rajiv Khel Ratna" award bestowed upon Sania Mirza is not like 'yet another award given". I do not mean that the other awardees did not do all that against various odds. The nature of the odds this girl has come through is unique, as much as I have understood it.

Even though it's been twelve years since Sania Mirza won her first international title, at the Wimbledon in girls doubles, there has been no other single female player in India who could repeat her feat. Various social restrictions are usually put on girls especially when they are into sports. The restrictions in Muslim community are tough for any parents's to ignore or for any girl to dream her life her way. What Sania Mirza's parents would have to go through, would have to listen to, can be imagined and understood! When Mirza's career was in peak stage, she was criticized for the way she dressed up herself while playing. The basic thing for any tennis player to give her best in the court is the way she can move herself, the way she can use her limbs while trying to reach the ball. For that, whatever is comfortable she can wear. She could have simply ignored the comments made. But she did not. She changed her dressing as necessary and continued to concentrate on her game. 

Sania has always been outspoken, be it about herself or about something happening in the society. Many of the statements of her made many a groups of people unhappy. Even though she knew that she did say nothing wrong, she maintained her dignity in handling the critics again. Facing a legal case under the "Prevention of insults to national honor act" given tremendous pressure as it actually questions the character of the player who represents the country. She had to face such a case too! 

Injuries are a players' first opponents. Unlike the opponents with whom they must fight, players must fight first to avoid the injuries coming their way. The career threatening wrist injury Sania Mirza has faced and fought with is a dangerous one. Many a people did not expect her comeback, I confess that I was one among them. But I was later happy that she shattered the injuries aside and did the comeback all again.

Her decision to participate in the commonwealth games held in India was appreciated as she had said that she would never participate in any tournament in India. The way she expressed her disappointment over the London Olympic selection row, i.e. to spare her for Leander Paes, was one of her type but finally, for the nation she respected the decision taken by the officials. Teaming up with Martina Hingis is probably one of the best decisions she has taken. That made her life. And that has brought her all the way here, whatever the way she is today. 

Marriage is something very personal. Life partner is very personal too and the decision about the life partner must be one's own. Even though she knew that since she was a public figure, marrying a Pakistani national would make many Indians angry, she still stick to her decision of tying knot with Shoiab Malik. When people speak about her in-law country, her nationality etc, she always says that she will continue to represent India, the country and the people who have made her the way she is today. Handling this matter is not as easy as it appears. A lot of emotions are into this, a wide range of people and relations are involved. She must be brilliant and tough to successfully come out of all this and still manage to win the big titles on the world's big stages. On one occasion, a journalist asked her a question if she was missing her family life and having kids. What she said was interesting. "When you see your life as noble, certain things won't bother you". That's thought provoking too!

Congratulations to Sania Mirza for winning the Khel Ratna award for 2015. Hope the above justifies the title of this post! May many more titles do come her way. May she rewrites the history created by herself. Also, I wish to see many women tennis players coming out and performing on world stage. That fulfills the journey which Mirza has started.

Congratulations Saina Nehwal...!

I've just watched the live telecast of world badminton championships being hosted by Jakarta, Indonesia. First and foremost, the sportive spirit of the audience amused me, who were Indonesians mostly. Even though there were Indonesian players in couple of ties, the audience did not show differentiate the players from other countries; rather they did show the similar support as that of what showed for their own players. Just admirable. Cheers to all of them!

Congratulations to all the winners of the day, especially Saina Nehwal. She has lived upto the expectations for sure. What interested me in the match is the determination of her opponent players from Indonesia, who suffered from the knee pain throughout the match but still fought till the end. Saina did it with ease without any signs of nervousness at any stage! Well done. Her cross court smashes always thrill me and so as her net game. She was wonderful today as well. Now that she is through to her maiden world championship final, I wish her all the success in her every attempt tomorrow against the reigning world champion, Carolina Marin, who is yet another awesome player the world badminton has today. Looking forward for a wonderful match between these two good players. Hope Saina will not lose it in her mind as she did during her last tie with Marin during the final of All England! 

Wishing all the finalists all the best! Hope the better wins. 

Aug 14, 2015

Change the goals... Take Home #434

Your goals must inspire you! If you are sure that they are not doing so, then it's time to change them and to take a different path to success. 

Rejuvenating nature... Pic of the day #11

Natural cure is the best cure. Natural rejuvenation is the best rejuvenation. Amidst the tight schedules at work, if you can still manage to take out some time to go around and refresh yourselves, that will be the best thing to do to refresh yourselves, to rejuvenate yourselves. This is very much required in the contemporary scenario of work filled week days that make one wait for the weekend desperately. It need not be a weekend to roam around, of course that's the better way to save upon your leaves. But saving leaves at the cost of your mind getting bugged up with everything without any reservation is  not a wise thing to do. Taking off in the middle of the week, provided you are not skipping any important assignments, reduced the stress to half and makes you ready for the rest of the week. And when an unplanned trip out in the nature comes in the middle of the week, that given even more pleasure. 

Pune is known for many weekend getaways. If it's the rainy season, then the call from greenery or the call from the beautiful mountain views cannot be just ignored. You will just buckle up and let your foot off in a sheet helplessness. Doing that just stuns you and makes you realize how better the nature is in refreshing you. The above picture is taken at a location around Pune on our way to Tamini Ghat. Believe me, whatever happens, you cannot turn back from the views. You will want to stay back forever, if possible. The locations are so blissful that you need nothing than some time to keep looking at the green views. You won't look at your watch and your stress won't look at you! You feel new to yourself. You feel much calmer to yourself. Your breath slows down so that it allows you to get lost in the thoughts, and eventually makes you get lost with yourself. 

Very, very, very refreshing it is to take time off to escape into the greenery, to hide behind the mountains, to drench yourself under the water falls, to eat hot corn while looking at the sleek water falls in the mountains surrounding you, and of course to take a few selfies or pictures! Rejuvenate yourself and find an all new 'you' from within. 

Aug 13, 2015

Don't take driving personally!

I think some people take driving personally. They just keep speeding up irrespective of the road and traffic conditions. When they have to wait at traffic signal, only the vehicle in the front can stop them and definitely not the red signal. They use 'horn'so much that probably they want to be the first in the que on the road, beginning of which is unknown. And if the vehicles come in their way are driven by the opposite gender, their way of taking it personally increases exponentially. 

What for? Fun, passion, ignorance, or whatever it is!

Its alright to maintain optimum speed. Its alright to wait for a few seconds at the traffic signal. Its alright to let the horn take rest and be in the que, even if its long and anyway its never ending. Its alright to allow fellow vehicles to pass by, even if they are driven by the opposite gender. 

Don't take driving personally. You may think that you have good control. But life's control is in no one's hands. Whatever can happen will happen. Drive safe!

Efforts do not go wasted... Take Home #433

Efforts do not go wasted unless you ignore using your experience while connecting the dots. Be attentive and make most out of your very own experience. Because, one's own experience is the best experience. 

Blue skies... Pic of the day #10

Blue skies always amaze me. The beyond is not understood but from the way it appears, it inspires me to believe that there is 'beyond' to everything. There is more to everything than the piece of what we know, than the bit of what we understand. 

This understanding of mine makes me take none for granted. Neither the good nor the bad. Neither the happier times nor the tougher times. Neither the smiles nor the tears. None of them lasts longer. None of then lasts forever. Life is full of happenings and all these happen either one after the other or when situation is further bad, all happen together, so that you would not know what to express, what to cry for and what to smile for! 

The understanding of mine about the blue skies makes me believe in the unbelievable. What we believe is usually what we have seen happening sometime in the past. Also, what we believe is what we think will happen sometime in future. To believe something from past is nothing special but to believe that something can happen in future is an attitude which is linked to the basic idea of believing in the beyond! Believing in the space where anything can happen, and hoping that what we need happens. This is absolutely special! 

So, that's the analogy. Keeping it aside for a moment, the picture is taken couple of days back when the blue skies returned amidst the rainy season. For few moments only though! I could capture one of them. This is not one of the best monsoon seasons in the country and here in Pune. Although the rains are sufficient enough to make the landscapes look green and hence call us for trips, they are definitely not sufficient to serve the purposes of farmers, home makers and multiple other needs. Hoping to see the rains coming back with bang, soon.

Blue skies inspire but they depress too when they appear at wrong time! So better they go away, for now, and come back for the beautiful winter.  

Managing people... Take Home #432

Managing people appears to have come by birth to certain managers not because it actually has come by birth, but because over a period of time within themselves they developed the qualities of understanding and valuing people around them, their employees majorly, irrespective of the strengths and weaknesses of each person. People must be understood and valued to get succeeded in a manager's role. 

Aug 12, 2015

Egg Omelet... Pic of the day #9

"Egg omelet" has always been my favorite food item. Most of the times it helps me in finishing my meal with a curry that's not of my interest. In childhood I used to eat very selectively. I could not eat each and every curry. Omelet used to be the companion of mine to finish the meal and hence to escape the angry looks of my elders! But once I started cooking myself, I've started liking almost all dishes. After all, I cook them and I must eat. But that's just half a reason. The other half, what I feel right, is that the purchase and handling I do of the vegetables make me get attached to them and eventually I like the curry I make.  Still, there are some favorites and some are tough choices, may be for health purpose etc. To survive such curries, I go for Omelet. Of course, that's not the only reason to go for Omelet though! 

I remember the following very much. This is one of the best memories of mine from my hostel days. When I was in intermediate hostel, parents were allowed on Sundays. They could come and meet their kids, could get some eatables, could take them out though not on all Sundays etc. My mom used to get me home made Dosa and Omelet. Every time I think of this, my eyes become teary. Needless to say what's happening in my eyes at this very moment as I write this! I used to skip the breakfast, which used to be 'Tomato bath'. I used to wait on my toes for my parents as well as for the eatables they would get. So, Omelet was an obvious item that used to be there almost every time! Although I liked the hot omelet, the cooler one too used to satisfy me to the core. 

Undoubtedly, my intermediate days are the worst days I would rate as. The hostel life in a corporate educational institution cannot be explained in one post, may be I will write about it in detail sometime later. For now, Omelet is the topic and the above is what I've to say! The below picture is of the last Omelet I ate, i.e. couple of days back! 

'Jenga' - Pic of the day #8

Playing indoors is as important as playing outdoors. While the outdoor games help in physical movements of the body for its coordination with mind, the indoor games help in building the mind to counter back the psychological attacks of the opponents. There used to be many indoor games in our childhood that we know them by their names in our local languages and most of them were mind games and few of them were of entertainment type. Some were played in leisure hours and some could even be played when there was a boring class going on. While outdoor games used to bring a lot of audience, the indoor games used to fail in attracting the onlookers, not all though and 'Caroms' being the best example. But both tempt the players to think that they should win and the game be over soon! 

To celebrate the last Pongal festival, we had been to our home town for family meet. I saw the kids in our family, the next generation, playing a game with wooden blocks. Almost all generations and ages of family members were keenly observing the ongoing game. Never before I saw some indoor game gripping up to that level. I moved closely to the kids and started observing what the game was about. It was being played with wooden blocks placed in a pillar kind of shape. The photo shown here gives the description.

The name of the game is "Jenga".  One of our uncles brought it for kids from US. Only then I came to know that there such a game! An interesting one indeed. Further details of the game you may look on the internet. But what I've inferred from that incident is as following. "Jenga" brings lot of excitement to the game as the mistake of one player or rather the loss of one player brings down the complete structure well brought together by all the players. Every player, even though its not his chance now, tempts to help the other player who's to play next. that's just to make sure that number of levels of the blocks all of them have put together grow endlessly. End is always there in every game, so as in this game too. But the excitement builds up exponentially for each level that increases. Everyone gets the applauds for each step. A team can be seen even though the players are competing individually. That's interesting and kids learn a lot of things and especially about belonging to a team even though there is a competition among them. Not all games can teach this very important lesson or rather the realization!  

Now we've bought one set of this game at home and we keep playing it in free time. The picture of the highest level that we could reach so far is shown below! Hoping to beat ourselves soon! 

One more proof... Take Home #431

Even after putting a lot and believably enough efforts, some issues just stay unresolved! 

Be determined to solve a long standing issue and you will be stunned to see new ideas coming your way, either from your within or from the people whom you contact upon the issue.

This is one more proof to remind us that "life is full of possibilities". 

Nothing can stay unresolved forever! 

Aug 11, 2015

Win the best!

Dream big.
Think aloud.
Work more.
Win the best!

Learn to be realistic!

Rather than asking filmmakers to be realistic, better we all learn to differentiate the reality and fantasy; kids must be taught the same too. Doing that not just helps in correlating films with real life, but also helps in understanding many characters we meet in day to day life, especially those who fantasize everything and take advantage in multiple ways.

If it's understood that a two hour movie can have huge impact on kids, it must also be understood that, being there around them for a life time, you can impact them too positively, and must impact larger than what a movie can do! 

Being proactive... Take Home #430

Proactiveness is appreciated always, when one performs his own job being proactive, but not every time one performs someone else's job being 'proactive'. 

Aug 8, 2015

Count back timer... Pic of the day #7

It was back in early 1990's I remember watching television for the first time. We did not have TV in our home then so I along with mom used to go to our neighbor's house. Mom often tells me that I used to watch TV through my fingers as most of the scenes used to fear me back then. She also tells that I used to seat myself back side of her and used to play all myself while she along with another aunty continued to watch TV. After few years, we bought a black and white TV. I remember preparing myself to watch the movie on every Sunday evening. That was probably the only movie I used to watch in a week. I also remember my grand ma watching 'Chandrakanta' serial on Sunday morning. The usage of TV was so low that I could remember more of what I heard or watched.

That's not anymore the case as on date. I watch too much a stuff and fail to remember even thirty percent of it. In the earlier days of serials, especially in Telugu channels, the advertisements used to be telecasted for more than sixty percent of the total time of the serial schedule. We literally used to wait for the serial to come in between the advertisements. But thanks to the recent rule passed by the government. In a thirty minutes serial, now its must that the serial be telecasted for at least twenty minutes. That's a great relief. 

The above picture is taken while I was watching a serial in Colors channel. On the top left corner, they display the timer counting back from one minute fifty nine seconds. That's really useful and it prepares me for the next couple minutes. That also enables us to switch over to other channels instead of worrying about missing some portion of the serial and hence making us helpless to stick to one channel only or change back the channel and check every now and then! 

Well, that's it about this picture. That's the pic of the day for today!

Aug 7, 2015

Never do so... Take Home #429

Never describe anyone by their limitations. Limitations are not mistakes, after all. 

Learn how to say... Take Home #428

In making what you say as important, how you say it matters. Along with thinking well about what to say, learn how to say it too!  

Aug 6, 2015

Just a thought!

Either your have to fake your emotions or make an unbeatable logical sense to get people on your side. As you think that most of the people are busy faking, this is the best time for you to start developing your logical thinking power and communication skill so that you can make a perfect sense for the people around you and hence you can take them along! 

PS: This post is for all those who think that except them everyone else around is faking it! 

Apartment culture... Pic of the day #6

There was a multi-storied building in our town. Frankly, I do not remember if it had five or how many levels. But it was the tallest building in our town when I was around eleven years old. The moment I came to know about that building, I along with some friends visited it. We did not step inside but waited outside and just had a look at it. I was so excited to see that, so were my friends. Having visited the then capital of Andhra Pradesh, also the present capital of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad, a couple of times by then, I was aware that there were many buildings in the towns. But this was the first one I saw in our home town and also the first one that excited me so much. At that time, I never though I would ever get to see a further more taller building in my life. 

The below shown is one of the tallest apartments I've seen in Pune. Our office bus takes the road next to this apartment every day morning. I always look at it and wonder, how come! How come the balcony is so small! How come there are so many levels! How come the building is so tall yet so lean! How will it sustain the earth quakes! How this and how that and so on. As I think about all these points, our bus passes the buildings and something else occupies my mind! 

The apartment culture has become so common these days that kids are born and brought up in there. Of course, they actual take birth in hospitals though! Parents are buying the apartment before they even plan for the kid and for that kid, that's the home-sweet-home. The kids in the other apartments of the same society are the first friends, firstly for the fact that they all stay in the same society and secondly, they might also share the same play school. Their lives continue in those apartments unless there is a change! They might or might not get to know where their parents lived once, how their home looked like, unless the parents are enough punctual in visiting their homes in regular intervals. Pity, but can't do much about it too!

I personally like an independent house. But that comes with a huge price, to pay which one needs to spend more time earning and less time spending. Both are not of my type! Well, life always moves around priorities! Let me see how it goes!

Aug 5, 2015

Traffic sense... Pic of the day #5

Although driving can be learnt and done by anyone, having traffic sense is not everyone's piece of cake as on date. Traffic sense, in a technical way means knowing the traffic rules, and in a logical way it means to have some commonsense. Although everyone needs to have the commonsense, a biker needs one kind of it, a car drive needs another kind of it, a bus drives needs to have some other and the heavy truck driver needs to have completely different type of commonsense. But unfortunately, people fail to adopt different driving rules while driving different vehicles.

Today morning while I was on my way to office in the office bus, I saw three big vehicles making a triangle at the middle of a four road junction. Below is the pic taken at the same time through the window next to me. Hence the bus itself is not being seen in the picture. Hope that's understood. 

Three of the drivers entered the center of the road at the same time knowing that the other two vehicles are approaching as well. Anyone of them could have made it differently by stopping back. But unfortunately none did that. All three came in the center of the junction in a triangle manner and started telling each other to go back. Nonsense! What would have happened if they did not brake at the right time? Fatal and can't imagine it anymore. 

The basic traffic sense and the road sense shall be tested while giving the licenses. We all know how licences are given! I'm not saying that every license is given that way, but mostly so as we all can see. Also, only giving licenses in a fair manner does not help it. One must take up the responsibility while driving. One must own up the consequences whatever happen because of him or her. One must be disciplined enough to give it a thought sincerely. All these cannot be taught by keeping rules by the RTOs. This must be part of the basic education. There was a time when driving was not so pursued by everyone. Still I remember there used to be a lesson in social studies about traffic rules. But now the time has changed. And along with the rules, the kids must be taught of the traffic sense too, I mean they must be made thoughtful about it and hence they will become sensitive about it when they have to practically use the knowledge. Hope to see it bettering up. 

Make it tough... Take Home #427

Talk as less as possible about your strengths and weaknesses. And hence make the game tough for your opponents. 

One thing. If one of your strengths is a person, let him or her know that and acknowledge it in open forums. But be as concise and apt as possible. 

Aug 4, 2015

Experience and the capability... Take Home #426

While working on resolving the critical issues, experience mainly assists you in making you capable to be able to look at the issue from different perspectives and understand the behaviours of people by being in their shoes. Experience is not meant here in terms of the number of years one spends in the related industry, but the involvement with which one works in as many projects as he or she can. 

Birthday Cake... Pic of the day #4

The following is what I remember about my birthday celebration from my childhood days. My grand-ma used to prepare the birthday cake for me in the cake-oven on the day before my birthday. Having head bath used to be one of the first routines on the day of my birthday after waking up. Getting ready, wearing new dress, making up the hair would follow. Distributing the orange colored chocolates in school is still in my eyes; two chocolates to each I think. Also, my grand-ma used to arrange cake, chocolates, biscuits and few other items in few plates/bowls. I had to go to each of the neighbor's house and give them the plat/bowl with the stuff.  Then they would convey birthday wishes. I also used to go to my mom's school. In the evening, I used to get dressed up again. Mom would put a gold neckless around my neck. Even though I did not like wearing gold ornaments in my childhood, on this particular day I remember wearing without much resistance. My grand-pa would take me to a photo studio to take a picture of mine. I still have some of those photos in my albums. When I look at them, I find myself becoming taller year by year and a shy person too year by year to stand in front of the camera and give a pose. 

So that's how it used to be. Once I joined hostel for further studies after my SSC, there was no one to insist me to celebrate the birthday by cutting cake or distributing chocolates etc. I was not myself interested in doing so, hence I simply skipped the celebration of my first year's birthday away from home. But in my second year of Intermediate, after having taken many a chocolates from many a friends on their respective birthdays, I decided myself to distribute to them too. That was the first birthday ever that I was willingly doing the distribution. Later in the engineering, for the first time ever I came across people celebrating birthdays by cutting the cake bought from bakery and that too in the mid of the night. Thanks to the friends who celebrated my birthday too few times during my graduation and post-graduation.

The above picture is showcasing the birthday cakes that I've cut in office. The cake headers have been preserved by me. For few years they were put plugged on the board at my desk and now they are kept in my desk. Simply wanted to avoid facing the fact that I'm becoming older and older at this one desk itself! With time, my perspective toward the birthday celebration has changed too.  I like celebrating now, not like a bash though! Thanks to my friends, family and especially Yamini, my cousin, for making my birthdays memorable. I like being wished by hundreds of friends and family members on my day. Face book ensures these days that the day is remembered by many a friends and Whats App makes sure that my family members wish me on my birthday through the family group we have created. I'm simply alright with the celebration, whatever is the form it comes to me, irrespective of not being able to realize its core importance. I mean the importance of celebrating it. One more thing that I want to tell is that I do not like friends applying either the chocolate or the cream on my face. Be it the chocolate or a cherry or the cream, that shall go into stomach as far as I'm concerned. It should not go wasted mainly, after all chocolate can not be wasted! Also, I feel like while applying it on your face, some of the frustrations of your friends coming out in the form of cake onto your face!

Anyway, any kind of celebration is good and must be enjoyed to the fullest. Hope many a memories of mine get accumulated on many a birthdays to come, seriously hopefully!