Aug 6, 2015

Apartment culture... Pic of the day #6

There was a multi-storied building in our town. Frankly, I do not remember if it had five or how many levels. But it was the tallest building in our town when I was around eleven years old. The moment I came to know about that building, I along with some friends visited it. We did not step inside but waited outside and just had a look at it. I was so excited to see that, so were my friends. Having visited the then capital of Andhra Pradesh, also the present capital of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad, a couple of times by then, I was aware that there were many buildings in the towns. But this was the first one I saw in our home town and also the first one that excited me so much. At that time, I never though I would ever get to see a further more taller building in my life. 

The below shown is one of the tallest apartments I've seen in Pune. Our office bus takes the road next to this apartment every day morning. I always look at it and wonder, how come! How come the balcony is so small! How come there are so many levels! How come the building is so tall yet so lean! How will it sustain the earth quakes! How this and how that and so on. As I think about all these points, our bus passes the buildings and something else occupies my mind! 

The apartment culture has become so common these days that kids are born and brought up in there. Of course, they actual take birth in hospitals though! Parents are buying the apartment before they even plan for the kid and for that kid, that's the home-sweet-home. The kids in the other apartments of the same society are the first friends, firstly for the fact that they all stay in the same society and secondly, they might also share the same play school. Their lives continue in those apartments unless there is a change! They might or might not get to know where their parents lived once, how their home looked like, unless the parents are enough punctual in visiting their homes in regular intervals. Pity, but can't do much about it too!

I personally like an independent house. But that comes with a huge price, to pay which one needs to spend more time earning and less time spending. Both are not of my type! Well, life always moves around priorities! Let me see how it goes!

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Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Enjoyed reading your thoughts on the apartment culture. Some of my friends who have apartments are now investing in more apartments for each of their kids. The logic being that their kids shouldnt have to struggle to whip up an exorbitant sum to buy one when they want to move out of parents' home! Like you, I too prefer an independent home.