Aug 21, 2015

Assistance... Pic of the day #13

Necessity is the mother of invention. Needless to say that it's very aptly said. Innovations come out of necessity basically. Although everyone needs everything, identifying the necessity cannot be done by everyone! Success of any business in the contemporary scenario is mainly dependent upon identifying the necessity and addressing it in quick time. Some of the innovations amaze us. They appear as if they are very small ideas but the way they serve the purposes deserves applauds. One of such is observed by me and few colleagues today at a hotel. 

The below image shows the buttons present on the stand kept on every table of the hotel. the buttons are self explanatory. With the use of this, we can call the waiter, ask for water, demand the bill or call for an assistance! Calling the waiter to me appeared similar to that of calling the air-hostess by pressing the service buttons on the head panel in flights. In a busy restaurant at peak times, getting the waited to our desk is very difficult as making eye contact with the waiter itself needs lot of time! Getting the bill generated is yet another big task. It appears as if the hotel staff have decided to let us wait for another meal! But if the bill button on the panel shown is pressed, the signal goes to the bill desk. Any unintended press of the buttons can be cancelled by pressing the 'cancel' button. 

I've seen this type of a device for the first time and was stunned at the first instance. Then I along with my colleagues explored it quickly! Couple of queries were clarified by the waiter! Logical minds keep questioning, whatever is the topic about and wherever is the place! 

Machine cannot insist a man work. Even in this case, the discipline and the load of the waiter plays a major role. We realized this towards the end of our mean as we proceeded to call the service and bill. Pressing the 'Service' and "Bill' for multiple times did not help, as the waiter was loaded with too many tables and there was crowd too! Better utilization of the said sophisticated device could have been done in a better way by appointing enough waiters per tables. But however, the acceptance of the idea of placing the said device on each table is appreciable! 

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KParthasarathi said...

A good and innovative idea in a restaurant that can be put to good use with some fine tuning !!