Aug 13, 2015

Blue skies... Pic of the day #10

Blue skies always amaze me. The beyond is not understood but from the way it appears, it inspires me to believe that there is 'beyond' to everything. There is more to everything than the piece of what we know, than the bit of what we understand. 

This understanding of mine makes me take none for granted. Neither the good nor the bad. Neither the happier times nor the tougher times. Neither the smiles nor the tears. None of them lasts longer. None of then lasts forever. Life is full of happenings and all these happen either one after the other or when situation is further bad, all happen together, so that you would not know what to express, what to cry for and what to smile for! 

The understanding of mine about the blue skies makes me believe in the unbelievable. What we believe is usually what we have seen happening sometime in the past. Also, what we believe is what we think will happen sometime in future. To believe something from past is nothing special but to believe that something can happen in future is an attitude which is linked to the basic idea of believing in the beyond! Believing in the space where anything can happen, and hoping that what we need happens. This is absolutely special! 

So, that's the analogy. Keeping it aside for a moment, the picture is taken couple of days back when the blue skies returned amidst the rainy season. For few moments only though! I could capture one of them. This is not one of the best monsoon seasons in the country and here in Pune. Although the rains are sufficient enough to make the landscapes look green and hence call us for trips, they are definitely not sufficient to serve the purposes of farmers, home makers and multiple other needs. Hoping to see the rains coming back with bang, soon.

Blue skies inspire but they depress too when they appear at wrong time! So better they go away, for now, and come back for the beautiful winter.  

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