Aug 24, 2015

Coconut water... Pic of the day #15

A childhood memory comes to my mind every time I think of coconut. I was in my tenth standard then and was preparing for the board examinations. The exams were held in summer, that was during the second half of March month. The temperatures in my hometown were so high then that we used to get exhausted so quickly. The board exams were held for a duration of two weeks. During that time, my grand ma gave me a glass of coconut water every day. As like many other kids, I never liked the taste of coconut water. Just to satisfy my grand ma and parents, I started to drink them in a span of few seconds by closing down as many senses as possible for those seconds. That was the first time ever I'd consumed so much of coconut flavor. 

As the days progressed and as the taste of coconut started sinking in me, I started liking them slowly. Immediately after my tenth class, I was put into hostel. There coconut water was not available much and it took me almost six years to again experience the taste of coconut water on back to back days for few days. That was when I was in Delhi for my post graduation. The heat in Delhi was so killing that I had to take some coconut water everyday to get rid of the heating effect! There also, we used to walk all along to reach to a coconut shop. But once I realized the advantages of coconut water, I started taking them with interest. Now, coconut water is one of my favorite drinks. Although, drinking the coconut water appears to me as if I'm in some health trouble, still I manage to have them every now and then. That reduces the body heat! 

The cost of a coconut, as I remember it from my childhood days, used to be 5 rupees. Later for some years it stayed at 10 rupees. Then it became fifteen rupees. For the first time ever I paid 20 rupees for a coconut was when I first came to Pune. 20 rupees appeared very high. Over a short period of time, the price jumped to a whopping 30 rupees. Well, it's been since quite sometime now that the price of a coconut is 30 rupees. Hoping to see it standing there for a few more years! 

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